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My Goodreads Reviews Part 19

My five new reads and Goodreads reviews! I hope you will check them out and enjoy reading at least some of these books from various genres.

The Perfect Mortals (Buan Book 1), Hummingbird Heartbreak (The Gold Brothers #1), The Breaking of Liam Glass, Nightglory (The Will, Power, and Title Trilogy #1), The Dream of the Forest

This book has been buried for too long in a pile of more than a hundred other to-read books still waiting for their turn. I’m glad I finally read it, even with such a delay. While I’m not too much into fantasy, I’d recommend all fantasy fans (and other readers) to grab The Perfect Mortals by Reece Bridger and enjoy the story and its characters who will win you over at first sight. Reading it is a pleasure, because, like magic, the pages pull you and push you further and further into the world of Buan to the very end. Justice is finally served with five well-deserved stars!

Entertaining. Funny. Sweet. Romantic moments that hide nothing and show everything. And, before the end comes, beautifully emotional with a touch of drama. Although first, Hummingbird Heartbreak will not be the last book I’ve read from this author.

It’s incredible what some journalists are willing to do for a front-page story and their career. But is that something new, considering what kind of news are being served to us today? The Breaking of Liam Glass is an excellent, dark, satire and criticism of our modern society from more than one perspective and point of view. It may happen in London, but criticism and warning go to all of us and our disinterest and indifference to change things.

Although it is unusual, I liked the writing style. I just wish I could connect better to the story and its characters. Cannot pinpoint why this connection didn’t turn into a passionate one. Maybe this story just wasn’t for me, while other readers will be pulled into it.

Wow, this book is such a pleasant surprise! I did not know what I expected before starting reading it, but it wasn’t that it would grip my attention from the first to the last page. The Dream of the Forest is a science-fiction, dystopia, adventure, romance cross-genre about the young woman Helen who, by accident, fell from the Heavenly City into the forest of by a natural cataclysm devastated Earth. And into the arms of one man. Full of adventure and humor, this might be the best book by Stjepan Varasevac Cobets I’ve read so far. I hope Godeena will forgive me for saying that.

Happy reading!


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