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Lead the Field

In February this year, my publisher, Planetopija, released my Croatian translation of Lead the Field (Put do vrha) by Earl Nightingale as one of the two texts in a book titled Lead the Field – The Strangest Secret (Put do vrha – Najneobičnija tajna). The other text, The Strangest Secret, is translated by Matija Pospiš.


A Croatian book description says: Earl Nightingale was a radio speaker, an entrepreneur, a philosopher, a marine and many more, and everything he dealt with was imbued with his passion for excellence and purposeful life. The audio of his motivational speech The Strangest Secret was published in 1956 as the first recorded speech and it received the status of a “Gold Record.” His text Lead the Field was called a “president program” because it inspired many leaders and business people who applied its philosophy in their business. For the first time in Croatian translation, we bring these two texts which are considered being classic in the field of personal development and have also helped many people to replace negative thoughts and beliefs with a peaceful, positive and unwavering focus on their goal in order to convert their emotional, spiritual or financial scarcity to abundance.


Check out Lead the Field and The Strangest Secret in English on Goodreads.


Check out the Croatian translation Put do vrha – Najneobičnija tajna on Goodreads.


Buy Put do vrha – Najneobičnija tajna on Planetopija’s website.

Put do vrha - Najneobičnija tajna by Earl Nightingale
Put do vrha - Najneobičnija tajna by Earl Nightingale

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