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My Goodreads Reviews Part 53

I have ten new book recommendations for you! A true story, LGBT YA coming of age romance, literary fiction, a short humorous story, YA paranormal romance, horror, dystopia, suspense. The variety of genres may make your choice difficult, therefore I suggest giving a chance to every one of these books and reading them all! My reviews are, as always, posted on Goodreads.


The Stable Boy of Auschwitz, Flaming, Where the Red Fern Grows, Maureen Gets Crafty, The Shiver Series: Shiver, Linger, Forever, Sinner, Pina Coladas and Rats 3, Across the Sand (The Sand Chronicles Book 2), Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World, Here’s To Us, After Death



This book will leave you speechless. True-life horrors are too much to comprehend and comment on. What is saddening and terrifying is that we have learned little from history. Not counting the individual efforts of goodness and kindness of “angel souls” materialized in this world, humans are too stupid or too self-centered and selfish. Or we are simply a mean species. Because I don’t see any other explanation.



The next modern fairytale. You read it in one gulp. Bravissimo!



It is hard to be objective in reviewing the book which I wanted to read for some time already and which is literary nicely written, but also the book which gives a disturbing reading experience because it promotes wrong moral and ethical values and teaches children that it is okay to kill animals at all costs. I don’t understand how this book can be promoted as “a beloved classic that captures the powerful bond between man and man’s best friend” when it is a story of Billy, obsessed with hunting and a blood-thirsty boy. A boy who, in his selfishness and hunger to be recognized and known as the best hunter, has caused the deaths of many animals and one human being.


I will never understand and approve hunting and murdering innocent beings for pleasure or financial gain. Both are morally wrong, especially today when we know that kindness, empathy, compassion and care for nature and our planet are the way to our own survival and the survival of other species.


This book only proves that humans are the most cruel and violent species, and that our cruelty can start at an early age if we are not educated about higher values in life. For this reason, I cannot recommend this book to any child because its lesson is the wrong kind of lesson. If you want to read a story that captures the powerful bond between a teenage boy and his (wild) animal friend, look for The Whispering Mountain and The Pale Skulls (GoldenEars books) by Jane H. Wood. Reading those two books is a heart-warming and touching experience, with the message of all the right values this book lacks. What it doesn’t lack is extreme cruelty to animals and animal suffering.



Short, sweet, and funny holiday read.


I love this series so much that after reading it first in Croatian quite a few years ago, I had to read it again in the original in English. Shiver, Linger, Forever, and Sinner is all that I need from the young adult romance series about super cool and realistic teen characters shifting into my favorite animals. Satisfaction guaranteed. With an occasional tear.



For those of you who haven’t read this series yet, start reading it because it gets better and better. Without further ado, Ramon has put it in the highest gear and Pina Coladas and Rats 3 is the most exciting and my favorite installment of the series so far.



I didn’t expect to be hooked again after The Silo Saga. But I am. Book 2 of The Sand Chronicles is as captivating and amazing as Book 1, and both books seek the company of Book 3!



It may be the most difficult book to write for the author, but it is such an easy to read and love story. Wonderful writing with the words, emotions, descriptions that just flow through you. Making you happy, sad, cheering as you dive into the pages of this heartwarming love story and have an unforgettable time with Aristotle and Dante and their special parents everyone would wish for. Just beautiful.



While boring books leave you flat, unemotional, I cried reading this book. A lot. Arthur and Ben fulfilled their mission, and my heart is full.



I am so sorry I couldn’t connect with this story because Dean Koontz is one of my top, favorite authors ever. Something went wrong already during the first few pages when the connection between me, After Death, and its characters didn’t establish. Maybe the first descriptions were too long or detailed. Maybe something was wrong with me. I cannot tell.


Throughout the book I had brief flashes when I recognized Koontz’s brilliance, but soon again I sank into the mist of trying to find myself, reading the book just for the sake of reading it, disconnected from the protagonists, their emotions and dramas. I am really sad because of that because I think I missed something, if not a lot. This book was just not meant or written for me.


After Death is an example that even the best authors in the world cannot always make all of their readers happy. But next time it will be different. Or I will be prompted to consider looking for a professional help.


P.S. Shall I take into account that I was reading and finishing this book during the huge hype and total obsession with Baby Lasagna and “Rim Tim Tagi Dim,” during which I could barely concentrate on anything else, my writing and editing included? Or am I just looking for someone else to point a finger at and blame?


Happy reading!




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