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My reading of this page-turner of a SF novel took much longer (52 days) than expected but that is not because it didn't grip me but rather due to various circumstances and reasons. April and May were months when (almost) every EU author was crazy and busy studying and complying with the GDPR. Besides that and to name just the two of reasons/circumstances, the author of Godeena, Stjepan Varesevac Cobets, asked me to stop reading the e-book he sent me in exchange for an honest review. He would hire a new editor and polish his novel. I'm so glad he did it!

While I stumbled and got stuck in the language spider-web of the old version, the new one came with a happy exhale of relief that turned my second reading into fun and pleasure! Godeena, a hostile and mysterious planet that devours its inhabitants, expeditions of teams of scientists and two teams of Special Forces alike, now shines in its full glory and terror!

If you've read the old edition of this book, read it again now. You will look at it with clear, different eyes. This action-and-death-filled story deserves your full attention as it forces you to speed through it while the team of criminals is gathered from the notorious prison to be sent on a rescue mission which seems to be doomed to failure before it started. The intriguing set of characters, weaponry, training and situations that pull your fingers to click-forward the pages faster and faster is a guarantee for the experience you will love and enjoy.

So put your helmet (or glasses on), buckle up and get ready to be launched to system Naude, planet Godeena and the huge, preserved and uninhabited city Absolute. I know you can't wait to find out what kind of terror is waiting for you there! I couldn't!


p. s. A message and a plea for writers: Follow the good example of Godeena and edit and professionally edit your books! Your readers deserve only the best from you.

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