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My Goodreads Reviews Part 33

Are the authors getting better and better or I am just lucky to pick only the best books? My Goodreads Reviews Part 33 rocks. I am proud of these books as I’m sure their authors are too. Check them out and have a fantastic, emotional reading experience!

Kill ‘em with kindness: Poetry in forgiving, A Drop in the Ocean, Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun, Untouched, A Faithful Son

This is not the first time I’ve read something by super-talented Mark Ryan. I already peeked at his blog Havoc and Consequence, my eyes stealing verses and tales, sucking them up with curiosity and wonder of someone who discovered by chance and miracle abandoned gold mine. Once I found it, I wanted more. I purchased this eBook to quench my thirst for extraordinary, feed my hunger for excellence. Now I am at peace. Calmness surrounds me. Thank you, Mark.

A touching, warm, visually appealing story about the marine turtles’ conservation, Huntington’s disease, and finding your family.

Totally adorable! And that is an understatement. So real, love it!

Smooth and gripping as the mighty flow of the Amazon River. Incredible experience which left me excited, scared, and jealous. I might be a man of few words, but what else to say when your heart is full of images, sounds, trees, and more trees? This is a pure adrenaline rush read mixed with the dangerous beauty of the jungle. Addictive! So . . . when do we leave (on the next research trip)?

One more thing: the book cover is a work of art!

This book broke me, after it made me laugh. I’m still trying to find myself between its pages.

Happy reading,


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