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Why do I Write – A Motivational Paper

I wrote this piece as homework for my coach Derek Doepker. Now I want to share it with you. Please send me your comments, I would like to hear what you think of it!

There are places hidden behind the unlocked door of my imagination. The worlds to be discovered. People ready to share their destinies with the outer world of our reality. Desperate in their need to show themselves or seek for our help. Whatever the reason is.

Do you remember that tingling sensation while you were doing something just to be distracted by the pecking silent sound in your head telling you over and over again to let it out? Did you ever have that feeling of a need to give birth to something or someone other than your physical child? And the pain—or rather pleasure—of the hard labor before seeing it come to life?

Why do you write? Why do I write?

Why do any of us write?

Because of the need or, should you wish me put it that way, the lack of strength to offer resistance to the ideas ready to flood my pages and spill over the dams and into the wider space.

Until they reach you. Yes, you.

It is impossible to bottle up your emotions or cork up your ideas and beliefs to the back of your mind, where no one is able to hear, let alone reach them. As it is impossible for us humans to breathe under water or, in case of fish, outside the water, on the land and in the air we need to survive. How paradoxal—a way of survival to someone is the cause of death to another.

Does this appeal interesting enough to you to write a story? Maybe. Probably. Why not! There is a potential for a story everywhere around us. In every detail, fraction of light, the shift of the warm and cold air resulting with the untamed storm.

So many stories to tell, so many eyes and ears to reach and hearts to touch. Isn't that amazing?!

What is the true reason for us to write? To unburden ourselves? To speak out our mind or to help ourselves not to go crazy under the pressure of the worlds that clash and coexist in the core of our being, forcing themselves on us until we let them go...? Until we set them free?



That too.

To set free the flame of our passion and share what we love with those who appreciate it.

This is why I write: to set free the flame of my passion and share what I love with those who appreciate it.

Does it sound selfish of me? From one point of view, maybe. But, can it be also characterized as an act of altruism? Because, holding it back, the treasures, the mind-gripping plots, the beautiful smells that fill our lungs, amazing people and incredible animals whenever we turn our eyes, even the villains who hunt, kill and exploit them; holding them all back is an act of selfishness. Wouldn't you say so?

Not sharing, not caring enough to pass your ideals to someone who can share them with someone else, many of them, with aim and gain to rebuild our world would be an act of selfishness.

Because our words, our books, they build the worlds.

And our words, our books, they can rebuild our world too.

Even when we destroy them—our imaginative worlds—with the vengeance and the wrath of the one who has the power, our words can rebuild our real world on the ashes of the warning of ominous things which may come. Unless we prevent that.

Why do I write?

To entertain people? To make them happy, feel good? To make them cry and angry because of injustice they see everywhere around them but are afraid to speak up or do something about it? Yes, the words can prompt action. The right words said in the right time. Words have built and words have destroyed. Our history has witnessed to that.

It's about the intention. And the way we communicate them, our words.

I don't write just to entertain people and plant the seed of an idea which may or may not prompt someone into action. I write to share and communicate the idea which will also entertain my readers in return.

Please note the difference.

In both cases writing is entertaining. But in each case the cause is different. Do I aim to entertain my readers or I aim for a higher cause that will set their hearts on fire and make them jump out of their flip-flops, cell phones, earphones and gyms? The cause which will make them resolute in their personal call to action to protect that child from bullying, to save that animal from the horror of the slaughter, to protect that woman or that man from domestic violence, to help the victims of rape, mobbing, natural disasters or human conflicts...? To help the sick or the poor? The ones who are labeled as the outcasts by the sin of being different, by the sin of being who they are and for standing up for their rights?

So many good things we can do in this world. So many acts of kindness. If we only unleash the power of the right word.

We are the vessels of millions of thoughts and ideas collected into one knowledge through thousands of years. Purified through a sieve of our personality, those thoughts become ours, unique. Those thoughts mark us as who we are, what we stand for or believe in.

Why we are here for!

To live and let live. To breed and bring the new offspring. To create and contribute to the world by leaving a more lasting legacy. To make an impact that will influence the lives of others.

For better, not for worse.

All the reasons are in front of you. All the options are here and even more of them if you are willing to open your eyes to wider horizons.

Anything is possible. Not everything will be easy though.

Either way, something will happen. With or without us. New images, characters and events will be added to the continuum of time with our words hidden in our inner graves or as the blooms of idea(ls) spreading their scent everywhere.

Influencing others, making an impact, making a change.

Always for the better. Please, always for the better!

When I write, in my mind I grab the thing I love; I plant a kiss on it and uncage my passion free.

My words may sound gentle when softly spoken to you. But don't extinguish the flame that burns your brain as your eyes slide across their sharp edges, don't hide your tears of pain, frustration or love.

It is supposed to be that way.

It is all right to feel as you feel.

Embrace that emotion, cry, scream, shout, laugh to the moon and back, but do something about it, I beg you.

One word can make a difference, one book can make a change.

This is why I write and this is why I read. Because I believe change is possible, because I believe in kindness, generosity and good people. Because I know we can make our world better than it is now.

Our capacity for empathy and love is endless. You are the proof of that!

Never underestimate the power of the written word. Keep seeding and spreading nonselective goodness. Ideas others can benefit from, ideals able to heal the world and pull the wretched souls out of the void of oblivion.

Your flame, your passion.

One spark can build a flame. A flame will set the fire and words in motion.

There is no greater joy than to share what you love with those who appreciate it. Keep that in mind. That's my motto. It may come as a surprise to you how many will respond.

This is why I write. This is why I read what you write. This is why our words and books exist.

And this is why I'm here with you.


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