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Act For Puerto Rico: Helping One Man Is Like Helping A Whole Nation

Before he found himself on a devastating path of hurricane Maria and got cut off from the rest of the world, Angel Ramon Medina was a lucky survivor of hurricane Irma raising funds from his books sales for the victims of hurricane Irma and working on his new book.

Before the first hurricane Irma hit his island, Angel was an indie author of six books, with Angel's Nightmare Adventure gaining the title of a #1 Amazon Best Seller horror short story.

Angel is also the founder and the leader of The Hybrid Nation, whose aim is to help with the promotion of indie authors, the future face of Puerto Rican LitRPG, my friend and a person responsible for my transformation from a traditionally published author in Croatian into an indie author writing and publishing in English.

Angel's heart is big and unselfish and I can speak of it from personal experience. His willingness to help me and guide me throughout my whole becoming and growing up as an indie author is as big as his readiness to help his fellow Puerto Ricans in need. But now Angel is also one of them. One of 3,5 million Puerto Ricans trapped in this "rich port" with no electricity and with shortage of water and food now.

No man is an island and certainly it shouldn't be the whole nation of 3,5 million suffered souls left with devastated homes and ruined lives. Their reality is everyday struggle for survival on the island flooded with water and lit only by the shine of stars and the moon left in the wake of raging monster hurricane Maria.

The leading man of the United States said it is a big big ocean around that island and it's difficult to deliver help the people of Puerto Rico need so badly. But one thing we know better. Where government officials fail is where ordinary people take over. No ocean is big big enough not to be bridged over by the solidarity of common people united in their will to help from all corners of the world.

Please, help my friend Angel Ramon Medina. Buy one, more or all of his books or give a monthly donation at his Patreon profile and help him get on his feet once he is able again to start something even remotely what we call a normal life. This is an act of a direct help to the author in need. I urge members of The Hybrid Nation, everyone who has ever tweeted, texted, talked or shared posts and thoughts with Angel to rise up and support him. Pin your tweets for him for a few days or a week, tweet about him, share posts about him. Invite others to buy, read and review his books. This is the best we can do under these circumstances and it takes so little of our time. Helping one man is like helping the whole nation because Angel would do the same if he was in a position to do so.

The last time I've heard from Angel was on September 19, 2017. The last few words he said to me were: "I'm afraid so." Then silence. Loud and clear.

I know we authors have to write, promote and sell our books because they depend on us. But right now it is a moment to look beyond that because even while taking care of our businesses and minding our own affairs we still have time to help the fellow author in need. This is the time of solidarity, the time to show the world and each other our support.

Please help Angel's fellow Puerto Ricans. Give up on your coffee today, skip one meal or donate just one dollar to The Ricky Martin Foundation. The Ricky Martin Foundation team on the ground is already working to provide most urgently needed supplies and has partnered with Music For Relief and We Care Solar to bring light & hope to the communities which are literally in the dark.

Please help animals in Puerto Rico. If your circle of compassion extends even further than encompassing only your own species and you wish to help animals who also suffer greatly in this huge tragedy on the island of Puerto Rico, please make an urgent gift to PETA's Animal Emergency Fund. Do it today because PETA's rescue team is helping animals in Puerto Rico now and they also need us.

Please follow the links provided here to make the much needed donations. Act For Puerto Rico now!

Angel Ramon Medina #ActForPuertoRico

The Thousand Years War by Angel Ramon

Framed by Angel Ramon

Revenge of the Gloobas by Angel Ramon

The Ricky Martin Foundation #ActForPuertoRico

PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals #ActForPuertoRico

Thank you, good people. Thank you for acting for Puerto Rico! #ActForPuertoRico


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