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Moobala Schmoobala

I don't deny I have a soft spot for aliens, especially if they are so cute as E.T. or Moobala Schmoobala. And I also have a soft spot for animals. So when Moobala Schmoobala visits Earth with his friend Boobala and encounters our animal kingdom, you get a super-cool picture book for kids!

On their exciting, enjoyable and peaceful journey to our planet they meet an eagle, a spider, fish, the bushbaby, coyotes, a dolphin, elephants, a giraffe, goats, hippos, a kudu, ostriches, a regal lion clan, and servals. Quite a bunch!

Illustrated by adorable images and written in a catchy rhyme by M.G. Wells, Moobala Schmoobala is a children's picture book, but grownups will love it too. Its intention is to teach the youngest ones about our wildlife and the harmony of coexistence on Earth and in the universe.

But there is also one other lesson, or moral, of this educational story meant for us adults. As kids, we dreamed big and believed anything was possible. Our world was beautiful, innocent and perfect, full of all kinds of creatures, wonders and possibilities.

If we only made ourselves to see it with these eyes again, on our return to innocence we would realize how amazing, special and promising it still was. For all of us.

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