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My Goodreads Reviews Part 54

Four months have passed since my last Goodreads reviews, but the new set of ten books is here! LGBTQ, romance, animal fiction, literary fiction, coming of age, SF, horror. Check them out!


Husband Material (London Calling #2), Toby, Capturing Magick (The Quentin Strange Mysteries #2), Red, White & Royal Blue, Machine Learning: New and Collected Stories, #BURN (Fever Falls Book 2), Glass Closet: The Price of Silence, The Triumph of Voice, Just a Regular Boy, Pina Coladas and Rats 4, A Dream About White Rabbit



Charming, entertaining, loveable, and funny like Boyfriend Material. Apart from when Oliver’s father died, which reminded me too much of the last months and days I spent with my dad, who was also a complicated and authoritative person. Despite everything, we parted decently, and I did everything I could for him in his last weeks and days. With no regrets. It’s just reminding myself of everything and seeing how Oliver was broken, brought back some sad memories.



Animal stories can hardly miss, and this is also the case with Toby’s story. This dog hero didn’t fail to warm my heart, so his story was a pleasurable read I enjoyed traveling through.



Beautiful and elegant writing. Mysterious and magic as dark and gothic atmosphere of Cricklewood it stirs your body and mind with various and unexpectedly pleasant sensations. It is impossible not to enjoy the exquisite composition of words, seductive descriptions and powerful characters who jump straight into the tram you are riding in or into your kitchen, room or bed, depending on where you decide to spend these precious moments with them.



Even though I am not into politics (I hate it to be more precise) and “political parts” of the book required an extra effort from me to stay focused, Alex and Henry were cool and sweet enough to make Red, White & Royal Blue a worthy read. Leaking of the truth about the royal-presidential gay relationship happened a little too early in the book and thus burst my excitement bubble. The new presidential elections were just not high enough stake and a peak moment for me, so the story ended calmer than I hoped for.



There are stories I like more and there are stories I like a little less. But my all-time favorite Silo Stories and the incredible Peace in Amber are the topping on the cake.



As much as I like and am attracted to firefighter stories and admire firefighters and what they do for us (our heroes!) I thought that a straight Hottie Firefighter Jace and a gay charmer Dax will be too much for me. At one point, I felt like I was sex overdosed, with a little too many scenes of sex following one after another. In that biggest part of the book, I missed more of the storytelling, character development, relationship building, firefighting rescue scenes. But in the last third of the book, the authors showed mercy on me and gave me a more detailed insight into everything I missed before. Or most of it, because the last four minutes of the book are again on “fire”! 😉



A beautiful, honest, and tender coming out teenage story. Pulls at your heartstrings.



I will say and admit again that I am a sucker for emotional stories. Just a Regular Boy by Catherine Ryan Hyde plays with your finest emotional strings. If this story about an extraordinary boy and a survivor doesn’t move you to tears, you better do a quick but serious self-analysis.



The grand finale of a gripping animal horror series. Maybe even the best one by Angel Ramon. I love it.



Is it only my impression or Kristina Gallo gets darker and darker with her each new book? A Dream About White Rabbit is a masterfully dark and gripping novella. It keeps you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end. Its pace and twists guarantee satisfaction for every horror and thriller fan.


Happy reading!


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