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Pet Peeve

When I was kindly invited by my friend and colleague Dario Cannizzaro, author of Of Life, Death, Aliens and Zombies – a great collection of short stories I was privileged to read and review – and a debut novel Dead Men Naked – to be released by the end of this year – to write a post about my writing pet peeve, my first thought was, oh no, I am going to publicly whine!

Whining or not, fact is that my biggest pet peeve is time, or better to say lack of it, accompanied by distraction. What on earth does that mean?

Well, time is all but relative and certainly I do not have it. As much as I try to organize my working day and the noise of my thoughts inside my head and the world outside it, I simply do not know, at this moment in time (again this precious word time!), when to sit down and start writing. (Maybe I should do that standing?! Or walking?! Or in my dreams, when I remember I had dreamed??)

I am not complaining, though it would be easier to do so! But after coming home from work, doing my regular networking hours, sending queries to literary agents (I am not doing that on a daily basis but nonetheless have to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for that sacred mission and highly important quest), writing posts for my blogs, updating my web page and social platforms, going through 50-100 emails depending on a daily e-traffic, I barely have energy to grab and read some book from my 90-something-high-pile of unread books (recently I regularly fall asleep and doze off more than once while reading because I am too tired to push my body and mind a little bit further), let alone write something. It's not that I don't have ideas and that my muse ran away to sell itself to someone else. I do! What I don't have is energy.


When I write I need to have my peace in order to escape this world and lose myself in my fictional world. This is when I switch realities, the real one with imaginary one. Yes, the imaginary reality is where I inhabit when I write, where I live with my characters, when I am a part of them and they become a part of me, where I make them miserable, kill them and mourn over them, where they break my heart.

Where we love each others.

In that world I don't want distraction with little or big things from this world I am trying to evade and forget, in that new world I have my new life which serves its purpose to create and build for the pleasure and entertainment of others. I am creating with love and dedication, revealing and showing what I love, with hope to share it one day with those who will appreciate it.

I don't want to be superficial and do it just for the sake of writing something and commercializing it. I want to do it out of love, to make something valuable and everlasting. My contribution to the world I will leave behind one day, soon enough.

So when I create, I need my peace and my time to write. Those are the diamonds I need to find and dig out from the muddy waters of my everyday life. When I find enough time, I will eventually find peace too. I will shut myself out from this world and move to another place and time. And if I cannot find time in this real time, I will dive into the well of my imagination, grab the remote and press pause.

As time continues its flux and events happen one after another without stopping, as seconds tick away one after another on their way to eternity and oblivion, my time will keep standing. My minutes will stretch into hours, days if necessary, and I will finish what I need to do. I will complete my task, my mission, my new creation I love and will gladly share with others who will appreciate it once I press play on my imaginary remote again and our times and worlds merge again into one on its continuous way into the unknowns of the future.

I thank Larysia, the poet from Canada who started this blog hop I am part of now and once again I thank Dario for introducing me to her.

With full confidence and great expectations I pass the question about writing pet peeves to my friends and fellow authors Angel Ramon Medina, author of the Thousand Years War Series and leader of the Hybrid Nation, and Jonathan Hill, author of Not Just a Boy, A Christmas Outing, FAG and the Maureen books . Don't forget to check out their web pages in the coming days to learn about their pet peeves! Thank you!


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