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Thank you for reading my blog Muse and spending your time with me!

Thank you for letting me share what I love with you, because there is no greater joy than to share what you love with those who appreciate it.​

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A World Without Color

Look for Me Under the Rainbow

January River

Cruel Summer

Postcards From Beyond Reality: The Selected Poems of Michael Daniels

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Goodreads and Good Readers

For some time already my books have been posted on but I was too lazy to do something about it and collect them under one roof and bring them home. Maybe I did not see the importance of it, it's hard to tell. God only knows what I was (or wasn't) thinking!

This week I claimed them as mine and now they are the sole property of the real Bernard Jan instead of a ghost profile they were attached to until now. I can only say, sorry books and sorry readers! Sorry to keep you in the dark and waiting.

There is no darkness any more and no ghost of Bernard Jan profile pretending to be their creator. It is me now, flesh and blood Bernard Jan, claiming full responsibility and mistakes for every word written. Nothing mystic and mysterious about it.

I welcome you to join me and connect with me on Read my books, rate them, comment them. Buy them. :) Kony, Franz, Sandra, Dario, Nikola, Tatjana, Luka, Kai, Philip, Barbara, Danny, Jon, Helen, Marcel, Ethan, William, Sarah, Susan, Michael, Alien, Victor, Rebecca, Red Sunshine, they are all here for you, waiting for you. And many others accompanying them. In their worlds, in their lives and deaths, in their happiness and sorrows.

We are all here for you and we will be here for you. We will try to be your good read and share what we love with you. By giving us an honor of being our good readers and sharing what you love about us with others, you would give us a great joy.

Because, there is no greater joy than to share what you love with those who appreciate it.


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