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The Unbroken Circle

I devoured this book in a day, which doesn’t happen often lately. But when I opened The Unbroken Circle, I reminded myself how much I loved Jay Bird and how I missed reading more about Jay and Rocco.

The Unbroken Circle is a perfect sequel in which Jay and Rocco cross the threshold of adulthood. It is a story of two young teenage boys who stay together through thick and thin to keep their love alive. But it is also a story of their parents, control freaks and dominant individuals, their mothers especially, who rule their families by the book or enslaved by tradition.

There is a moral of this capturing and emotional story with strongly portrayed characters who became more alive with each spoken sentence. Or, better to say, underneath it runs a subtle and justified critique to our society which doesn’t accept any kind of diversity. This society is harsh and unforgiving and shows no tolerance for those who are “different” and don’t fit into the general pattern of living, loving, and existence.

I do not know if Thomas Grant Bruso, the author of Jay Bird and The Unbroken Circle, plans to write another book in the series, but I hope this is not the end. Jay and Rocco deserve that, as well as all the readers and fans who enjoy their company.


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