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The Great Centurion

Have you ever heard about the Punic Wars? No worries if you haven’t. The Great Centurion novel will take you to that part of human history in a flash. In an entertaining and gripping way you will experience the spirit and the time of the classical age of the Roman Republic as the story of Victor Maximus, his childhood, teenage, and maturing years when he rises to a great warrior and Roman general, unfolds before you.

The author Angelus Maximus (not related to the great Roman general!) did a great job in describing the violence of ancient battles and wars, teasing our nostrils with the smokes of destruction and our tongue with a copper taste of shed blood, but also with the scenes of desires of the flesh during breaks between battles.

I admit I am not a fan of LitRPG (Literary Role Playing Game) genre and I think this book would read much better as just a historical, war, romance novel. But it is my preference which doesn’t diminish the fact that I liked The Great Centurion and will go for the book two of Punic Wars. I want to see what happens next!


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