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My Guest Post: What is Your Value?

I have a great honor and pleasure to be featured with my guest post on the blog of the author I highly respect, value, and love reading.

This Is My Truth Now is author James J. Cudney’s portal and stepping stone to tons of features and segments where he hopes to collaborate and communicate with as many people around the world as possible throughout the year. While this site primarily focuses on literature, writing, and marketing, there are many other types of posts and fun content.

In my guest post “Tips & Advice: Readers & Authors—What is Your Value?” I talk about a controversial topic, about the value we place on ourselves and our books.

Thank you; Jay, for this opportunity to express my thoughts!

Please read it here and give it a thumbs up! Even if you don’t like it, give it a thumbs up.

James J. Cudney is the author of contemporary and mystery fiction where family drama meets suspense: the cozy mystery series Braxton Campus Mysteries, and two stand-alone novels Father Figure and Watching Glass Shatter.

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My guest post “Tips & Advice: Readers & Authors—What is Your Value?”

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