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My Goodreads Reviews Part 39

You must already be accustomed to the variety of books and genres I read, so in My Goodreads Reviews Part 39 I am presenting five books from horror, mm/romance, young adult, time travel, poverty and homelessness non-fiction, and historical Greek/Roman LitRPG fiction. I am sure you will find something from these literary pearls for yourself too!

Crow Creek, Out of Time, Into You, When We’re Entwined, The Invisible in Plain Sight, King Minos: Master of the Minoans (A City-Building LitRPG Series)

I loved the opening and was captured by it, but when the dragon appeared, everything changed. I lost focus and couldn’t find my way back to enjoying the story. The dragon was too much for me. I’m sorry.

It’s the finest box of chocolate, sweet, tasty, full, passionate, brimming with the incredible love and addiction of two young boys for each other. Their universal love defies the passage of time, laws of physics, prejudice, racism, and all the injustice of our society toward those who are “different.”

Out of Time, Into You is beautiful and adorable. It will wrench your heart and force you into tears. But isn’t that the characteristic of the best stories? They make you feel so alive and swelling until you burst under pressure of intense emotions. Yes, Out of Time, Into You is powerful. Powerful and unforgettable.

Unexpectedly enjoyable and poetic. This is a gorgeous read.

I have received a review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

There are books you know you will like the moment you start reading them. The Invisible in Plain Sight is one such book. Beautiful in its raw, cruel way, it grips you in its embrace as the bitter cold streets of Chicago. Streets that are homes of the invisible, unwanted, undesired, not needed. But those still alive, with all their desires, dreams, and hopes for a better, safer future.

Thanks to this book and its author Robert Stowe, today again, after a long time, I gave some change to the begging old women standing in the warm sun on the busy street corner. And I know it won’t take too long before I give some change again to someone in more need than I am now. Not only that helping others feels good, but it is also the right thing to do.

I have received a review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

With destruction and turning cities and countries into ruins everywhere around us, both in real and fictional life, King Minos: Master of the Minoans comes as something refreshing to me. I loved its empire building, from the first stone to something beautiful and powerful. Fans of battles and fights and reducing cities to ashes will also have their fair share, but they were of a lesser importance to me in this book. I give my vote to the world building in an era and history so far, far away.

Happy reading!


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