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My Goodreads Reviews Part 25

I hope you will enjoy the diversity of genres in My Goodreads Reviews Part 25. Give these books and authors a chance they deserve and add them to your reading list.

Fleeting Glimpse, 911 First Responders at Ground Zero, Social Engineer (Brody Taylor Thrillers #1), Rescued (Rescued Hearts #1), The Kidney Donor’s Journey: 100 Questions I Asked Before Donating My Kidney

Fleeting Glimpse is a gripping story of a stalking victim. It excellently describes her fears and sinking into a desperation as she struggles to hold her grip on reality. This page-turner will make you turn pages faster and faster until you reach a surprising end. I didn’t expect it to end like this.

Thank you for the surprise, Victoria, and thank you for the opportunity to read your book and write my honest review.

It was hard to read 911 First Responders at Ground Zero by David M. Bresnahan from a distant, unbiased point of view. Because I am emotionally attached to that day. On September 11, 2000, for the first and only time I visited New York City, my dream came true. A year later, that dream turned into a nightmare when in shock and tears I watched the fall of The Twin and destruction of life in Lower Manhattan where I spent beautiful moments the summer before.

I know my shock and disbelief were nothing compared to what was going on at Ground Zero. My pain and sadness were insignificant compared to pain and agony of those who lost their beloved ones. Reading 911 First Responders at Ground Zero was a sharp reminder of how horrible it was, what a catastrophe it was for those who died but also for those who survived and continued living.

David M. Bresnahan used five incredible testimonials of first responders to tell us the story about the tragedy on 911 from a fresh perspective, giving us a unique insight into what happened on that faithful day. This book is a memorial and dedication to thousands of people who perished, survived and rescued others that day. It is so much more than a great emotional read. For me, it is impossible to read and review it as the book only. It is the tragedy and shock relived, memories reawakened, and the silent honor in the last chapter with all the names on the 911 Memorial panels with the location of each name.

I would like to think that we all know how this book is important and needed to bear witness to one moment in time that must never be forgotten. To be a fond memory of the original World Trade Center and all the people who lived, worked, and died there.

Living the life full of lies seems impossible to correct when truth needs to be revealed, prompted by the honesty of the heart in love. Brody Taylor, a white hat hacker, manipulated people until one day he manipulated himself by falling in love. Exciting novella that might not leave you indifferent to your security.

I love that Rescued revolves around rescuing, first abused animals and then the protagonists rescuing each other. Rescued carries a never enough repeated message of kindness toward our fellow creatures (kudos to Felice Stevens for that), but also a message of understanding and acceptance instead of hatred born from the prejudice because of being different and therefore not fit to be accepted by society or some of your family members. Thankfully, love conquers all and justice smiles upon those who are brave enough to stand up and fight for themselves and the ones they love. I just wish the author wrapped up the story before adding Epilogue, which tasted to me like too much sugar in refreshing lemonade. I prefer stories to end with some suspense or expectation hanging in the air, even the ones with happy endings.

A moving testimony of a selfless man on a mission to give a part of his life to someone else. Such acts have no price and no ranking. They are above and beyond that.

Happy reading!


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