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My Goodreads Reviews Part 24

Five new books and five new reviews are ready for you in My Goodreads Reviews Part 24! Love them all or love at least one, two, three, four . . . five of them (!) and experience the same reading pleasure as I have experienced it.

The Little Book of Lesser Known Monsters, Elsewhere, Scribbles of the Mind, His Boy, Golden Threads: Collection of Poetry

Now, that is a short horror stories collection! Where monsters are gross but appealing, cute but horrifying, where justice is served in a fast, extraordinary, sometimes cruel way. And all that seems good, normal. Much more normal than a new normal we are living in now. It’s like I feel the switch in the universes, with us seeking solace, comfort and escape in the dark stories from The Little Book of Lesser Known Monsters and go to bed with fear that we will wake up tomorrow. I am sick and tired of spending the nights trembling from anxiety and uncertainty that comes with the new dawn rising. But I’m not tired, and I’m not sick of the stories like No Place Like Home. Just a little sad it didn’t last longer.

Exciting and action-packed tour de multiverse. Dean Koontz takes us to an incredible trip through parallel worlds where people die and stay alive, when the evil is beaten but still seeking the revenge. And where everything is perfect, as it should be.

Something so personal and intimate as Scribbles of the Mind is hard and ungrateful to review. Yet, the purpose of these words that never made it to the pier of hearts is to experience them, to let them make to the pier of your heart and the hearts of others who will read them after you.

This is the poetry of love and memories; the poetry of nostalgia and longing. Those are the pieces of author’s life bound exquisitely into the work of art that gives the meaning to the empty moments of his past existence. Elie N. Azar’s feelings are genuine, and so is his poetry.

It would be so unfair not to mention the beautiful design by Elias Mitri, whose illustrations, together with the collection of Elie’s original photography, gave Scribbles of the Mind another dimension.

I am grateful to the author for the opportunity to read and reflect on this book, and I invite all the lovers of poetry to do the same. Because Elie N. Azar writes with an open soul.

This is one of those feel-good books. I just love it! Adorable, funny, entertaining, lovable, charming. The characters are strong, real and alive that you want to hang out and spend some time with them, because you are guaranteed to have a good laugh and cracking situations, or more personal, cozy, intimate moments. His Boy’s transformation from beautiful to gorgeous is a success, but not in the way you might expect. I feel there is more to this story than the author will tell us. But it is a good thing to be wondering in such a pleasant way. Recommending it far and wide.

One other thing. The cover is so cool! Brings the story in the spotlight where it belongs and should be.

Golden Threads by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets is a collection of poetry in which you will experience life and the world from their every corner. Its main characteristic is diversity. Diversity of images, scenery, emotions. Some poems are light as golden threads floating on a thin air, other verses are not so easy to comprehend. You have to think deeper to taste their richness. As you are searching for gold, deep in the distant mountains.

Happy reading!


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