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A World Without Color

Look for Me Under the Rainbow

January River

Cruel Summer

Postcards From Beyond Reality: The Selected Poems of Michael Daniels

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Cruel Summer: Silver Dagger Book Tour & Giveaway May through June 2021

I am thrilled and grateful to Maia for accepting my YA cross-genre novel Cruel Summer for the Silver Dagger book tour and giveaway! Cruel Summer starts the tour today, on May 28, and will tour until June 28 on 40 stops.

Please check and follow all the stops on the tour and share them with your friends and followers. Let’s have some fun time together. Thanks, and let the tour begins!

Cruel Summer Silver Dagger Book Tour & Giveaway 5/28 - 6/28
Cruel Summer Silver Dagger Book Tour & Giveaway 5/28 - 6/28


Cruel Summer

by Bernard Jan

Genre: YA Cross-Genre, Dystopian, Sexual Abuse, Skateboarding

All he wants to do is skate. But they have other plans for him.

Michael Daniels is seventeen and dreams to enter professional skateboarding contests. But beneath New Manhattan, a city under the oppressive shadow of climate change, exists another world altogether—secret laboratories which threaten society as he knows it.

Those with power will get what they want. No price is too high, even if it means making someone special or robbing them of their dignity, freedom . . . or life.

The price is too high for Michael, though. He has endured his stepfather’s abuse and mind games for almost as long as he remembers. Until one day he takes matters into his own hands, ruining the lives of those he loves most. And his skateboarding friends, Alien and Victor, are his only hope for freedom.

When there is no hope left, friendship is what remains.

Cruel Summer on Amazon and Goodreads.

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**Help the author with your vote for Cruel Summer in TCK Publishing Reader’s Choice Awards 2021 contest!**

To cast your vote please use the arrows to navigate to the page 12/16 YA and Middle Grade book category.

When you are there, scroll down to Cruel Summer by Bernard Jan and click on the book. And that should be it!

Cruel Summer by Bernard Jan eBook cover designed by Dean Cole
Cruel Summer by Bernard Jan eBook cover designed by Dean Cole


“There is no greater joy than to share what you love with those who appreciate it.”—Bernard Jan

My pen name is Bernard Jan. I am an award-winning novelist and a poet from Croatia, and I have released four books in English. I am Readers' Favorite Gold Medalist 2020 and Readers' Favorite Bronze Medalist 2019.

A World Without Color is a true story of the last three days he spent with his cat, while Look for Me Under the Rainbow in a unique and gentle way sheds light on the plight of harp seal pups in Canada. It warms the heart of all readers concerned about our planet and its treasures. January River is a heartwarming cross-genre novel about five friends, one dog, and one river carrying a secret. His latest YA cross-genre novel, Cruel Summer, is a gripping story of an abused teenager from New Manhattan who only wants to skate, but they have other plans for him.

My first two books were written at the beginning of the war in Croatia in 1991 amidst air alerts and illusory attempts when I wanted to believe and think that life is normal, that everything is all right with the world. I have published five novels, two novellas, and one book of poems in Croatian. Four of my books, including the book of poems, were translated into English.

My passion for music and entertainment resulted in my becoming a partner of Tom's Music Place, which was established in 2009 by my friend Thomas Carley Jr., whose objective was to raise the respect of music.

My desire to help others came to the fore during my years advocating environmental protection and advocacy of animal rights. I did volunteering work for the refugees, because suffering does not know any borders. When it comes within your reach in your home, you simply have to do something. As part of my animal advocacy activities, it has been a great honor and pleasure to translate Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust by Charles Patterson into Croatian.

Author links: Website, Twitter, BookBub, Amazon, Goodreads.

Bernard Jan
Bernard Jan


Follow this link to read the book excerpt.

Cruel Summer teaser by Silver Dagger Book Tours
Cruel Summer teaser by Silver Dagger Book Tours


Cruel Summer paperback – 1 winner

Cruel Summer eBooks – 2 winners

January River eBooks – 2 winners

Look for Me Under the Rainbow eBooks – 2 winners

A World Without Color eBooks – 2 winners

$10 Amazon gift card – 1 winner

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

Silver Dagger Book Tours Logo
Silver Dagger Book Tours Logo


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Cruel Summer teaser by Silver Dagger Book Tours
Cruel Summer teaser by Silver Dagger Book Tours

Cruel Summer teaser by Silver Dagger Book Tours
Cruel Summer teaser by Silver Dagger Book Tours

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