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Deadwave and Respect

Notification: The author has later changed the name of the book into Breakdown, but I will leave it here as I originally reviewed it as Deadwave.

Michael Evans is not a new author to me because I’ve already read and reviewed his young adult dystopian novel about an authoritarian government Control Freakz. Thanks to Control Freakz, I didn’t hesitate to grab the first book Deadwave from his new Conspiracy Chronicles Series when it was available for pre-order on Amazon, though I still have to read the remaining books from the Control Freakz Series.

I don’t hide that I prefer a standalone novel over the series, but if other books in the Conspiracy Chronicles Series are as Deadwave, I’m all in for it! The core of the Deadwave story might be a virtual reality game infested with zombies, but it is also much more than that. It is the story built on interesting and strong characters who try to survive and fight for their future in a decaying society manipulated by an ultra-powerful group and the world succumbing under the heavy effects of environmental destruction.

As Deadwave sucked me into its virtual world and made me totally enjoy it, I feel obliged to say a few words about its author. Michael Evans is still just a kid at 17 (no offense, Michael!), but he is also a great man when it comes to writing and his understanding of the world. I urge everyone to read Author’s Note at the end of the book to see how great a visionary he is and in what spheres and universes his mind works.

Don’t judge a book by its cover is a saying that couldn't be more appropriate in Michael’s case. Don’t judge Michael by his age because he is a living proof that age is just a number and that amazing achievements can be realized even before you cross the threshold of maturity if you dream big, work hard, have a vision, plan, determination, and courage to live your dream.

Remember Michael Evans, a boy with a lifelong mission and an advocate for a better future, and Michael Evans, a prolific author and gifted storyteller who creates an alternate universe with such ease like he is writing his homework. Respect!


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