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My Goodreads Reviews Part 1

These are the books I reviewed on Goodreads but didn’t get to post on my blog yet. Since I love them all, I want them here as well!

Here are the first five, in random order: The Collector, Deadly Games, The Silent Corner, Amy’s Rainy Game, Authorpreneur.

A story that starts with abduction of one, two, and then more and more grownups and children by alien abductors takes an unexpected and different turn from a science fiction horror story. The world under the dome is not a hostile planet where other intelligent creatures collect humans to torture them and experiment on them but a beautiful place where revelation and realization come to peace with acceptance that we, humans, with our greed and need to dominate every realm are a destructive force which will bring our world to its end. Aliens are miraculously and thankfully for a change portrayed as kind, intelligent beings who want to save the last human remains of our civilization.

The Collector is a short story of love and hope that there is someone out there, outside the borders of our self-imposed destruction, watching over us. Not with malice and hostile intentions but with the innocence of a child who cherishes and cares about his beloved pets.

Even though I have over 135 books on my to read list, I wouldn’t complain if Deadly Games was a longer read. Because <50 pages of action, murder, espionage, family issues and lost-and-found love can be read in one breath in this spy thriller and the reader might feel deprived of more excitement. However, this is only the Book One and the author promises more action as the main characters try to escape from the impossible situation.


As someone who hates rain and love rainbows, I enjoyed reading this cheerful short storybook for early readers. Even the heavy rain shower didn't stop me from giving this fast read four shining stars! Because the stars come after rain. Or is it maybe, sun? 😉

If you are into a serious business and think of yourself as a big player, this book is for you!

Books can be your source of income, success and security, not just your friends. Add your strong will and hard work to your passion of writing, and you are half-way to reaching your goal. Authorpreneur will push you the rest of the way. It has a mission to turn talented and not recognized authors into satisfied and influential entrepreneurs.

I hope you give them a chance, too. Happy reading!


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