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Self-publish With Less Stress and More Ease

To my fellow authors I want to recommend four books that may transform your life! Reading them, studying them and taking their advice at heart is a must for the successful launch of your books and their fruitful life online. We have to be realistic, writing a book comes easy to the most of us. Handling our books afterward is for most of us a nightmare and enigma.

Why don't our books succeed if they are so good? Why don't readers buy them? What did we do wrong?

Please take time to check the following books. Read them at random order or by choosing your priority and urgency, but skip none of them. Each of them will be helpful to you.

A young man who hated writing turns with his buddy their short productivity guide into a book, launches it on Amazon and goes snowboarding in Austria. While sitting in the chairlift he learns his book became Amazon Bestseller and went on to start a 6-figure business. Book Launch offers you a tried, tested, and proven book launch formula and helps you write your book in record time!

Derek wrote a powerful and informative book full of tricks and tips that will save your time and help you keep your spirits up as you pave your way through the overcrowded road to your readers! The step-by-step blueprint will guide you on your way from struggling author with a low budget to the best choice among the competition! And it works both for non-fiction and fiction authors!

If you are into a serious business and think of yourself as a big player, this book is for you! Books can be your source of income, success and security, not just your friends. Add your strong will and hard work to your passion of writing, and you are half-way to reaching your goal. Authorpreneur has a mission to turn talented and not recognized authors into influential entrepreneurs.

We all know how to write a book but we suck at writing a capturing blurb! Either it is too long or too boring to hook our readers. Writing a sizzling synopsis is possible if we follow a few simple rules and use the tools to get online book browsers click our Buy button every single day. This book is a gold mine! Dig in!

These authors also have free or paid webinars and online courses so I suggest getting in touch with them and subscribing to receive free updates and latest information. When you are down and feel stuck and lost in your creativity or entrepreneurship, listening to them can be a much needed source of motivation and encouragement.

Happy writing and publishing!


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