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Artist Review and Interview

It is interesting what you would do for something that matters to you, whether it is a person, a cause, something you created or are passionate about.

I still cannot believe Carlos persuaded me into giving him an interview for his Art & Review Vlogs and that I can now listen to myself on his YouTube channel. For those of you who want to hear what we chatted about, here is the link. No laughing please!

Carlos didn't stop there, he also reviewed me as an artist. Look me up on his Carlos Mota Veiga blog under Artist Review #1. Yes, I had the honor and privilege to be the first artist he reviewed there! Thanks, Carlos!

It's been rather long since my last post on my blog Muse on January 17, 2018. I didn't get lazy or anything; I was busy handling more things and working on my new project, my next book.

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