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The Forgotten Goddess

A strange feeling of relived childhood filled my senses as I read The Forgotten Goddess (Sebasten of Atlantis Book 1) by Olivier Delaye. It brought nice, pleasant memories to my mind, even though the stories I've heard and read as a child were much shorter and not so complex as Delaye's work I read on these pages.

The Forgotten Goddess is the first novel about Sebasten Oryas who lives in the world of Atlantis populated with people with many divine gifts. Of all people Sebasten is the key to the survival of his world and of all people he is the one with the cursed gift. While everyone is proud of their gifts of illusion, transformation, talking to animals or breathing under water, Sebasten must pretend he is ungifted. His gift of prophecy belongs only to the God of Gods and everybody else claiming to be gifted with prophecy will face death.

This great first book is full of many imaginative creatures and characters; from adorable monkey-like roodoo to Aunt Ema who steals our attention and sympathies the moment she appears out of nowhere. It sparkles with magic, adventure and action, and with its pleasantly legible and fluent writing charms us throughout this exciting journey.

With Sebasten of Atlantis Book 1 Olivier Delaye delivered us a YA fantasy marshmallow and justified hope that sweet aftertaste will tickle our palate while reading his next book too. Something to look forward to!


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