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A Sad Day in Brussels

Words are insufficient. Sadness sinks in as hours are ticking away and the day is closing to its bitter end. Heart wants to rise and protest – shout! – but it remains silent and humble. Showing respect to those who are killed today. And to those who mourn them. In solidarity with lives who are lost.

Brussels will rise again. In all its colors, rebuilding itself on its crusted wounds. But those lives will never be retrieved again. They are beyond our power of healing. They are already gone.

I don't approve of violence. I don't approve of killing and terror(ism). Life is so fragile, too precious. The bombings in Brussels reminded us on that. If we ever forgot it. It takes years to nourish it and only seconds to lose it.

Can we do better than that? Do we know better? How to find a way out of this madness? Before it gets worse and the world cracks open like a screaming inferno.

My heart goes out to Brussels on this very sad day. I was there three weeks ago. Now it feels I never left.


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