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First We Take Berlin, Then We Take Brussels

Some of you may have noticed my absence, or more rare appearance, on social networks in the last couple of weeks. Some of you may have not. Either way, I would like to explain to you what has happened and to apologize for not being able to keep in touch with you.

Just before my trip abroad, I had problems with my smartphone’s battery which was dying fast and had chased for a solution for days in vain. Thanks to Ivana from HTC support, I get to fix my phone a day before I left with my gang of friends and activists for an animal rights tour in Europe!

On September 20 we went on a six-day-road-trip through Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to arrive back home at dawn of September 27 after spending almost 40 hours and some 3,000 km (1,860 mi) in the car on the road.

It was amazing; I loved it completely! My new family (Anita Švabica, Romano, Anita Franita, Ella and Helena) I traveled with was amazing, as well as the activists from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Canada, the UK and other countries we met during the three days of The Save Movement meeting and The Cube of Truth artistic installation in Berlin. It was also fantastic to see representatives of over 130 organizations two days later at the launch of the End the Cage Age campaign for cage free Europe in the European Parliament in Brussels.

There is nothing better than when you connect your work with your passion and pleasure and that’s what happened in those six days. Thank you all for all your love and happiness! I love you and can’t wait to see you on the next Cube of Truth this Saturday in Zagreb and at the Conference on Animal Rights in Europe (CARE) in two weeks in Prague.


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