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The Stars Just Watch

"I just wish that we could be honest. (...) I just wish - I wish - everyone around us knew about us. And once they know, they know and that's it. There's nothing else to fear. (...) The thing I fear most is the thing I want most to happen."

The Stars Just Watch is a powerful story of profound love that happens in the wrong time and wrong place. A story that wraps us in its aching embrace as the stars wrap the night on the eve of destruction. When lives part because the battle cry is calling, leaving those who stay to wait and hope and tremble in desperation.

The night sky is sparkling with stars and each star is a tear from heaven shining on the faces of Jack and Cliff. In their last evening together, in their last embrace, a hug, a kiss, a firm grip of fingers. "If you die, then I shall kill myself. I shall. I shall kill myself!"

Jonathan Hill condemned us to the heart-wrenching and gut gripping war story full of grace, pain and darkness we drink in one gulp as a bitter remedy. A story of two men in love, forbidden, doomed and hidden under the cover of brotherhood. But as the war has no mercy to the millions of people all over Europe, their secret is merciless to Jack and Cliff. As a sudden flash from a gun, it lights up and hits the face of Cliff's wife Violet with a shock of recognition and realization, crumbling their world like the house of cards they played only hours ago.

No love should be hidden as the worst imaginable crime. No two lovers should suffer as Jack and Cliff did. Their dream is simple, honest, so common.

"The sun is shining. (...) And we are walking through a park together. We're looking at the trees and you're pointing out a squirrel to me. (...) We continue to walk. And the entire time, the entire time, we are holding hands. (...) You say that your hand feels safe, nestled in my own. But mine feels just as safe wrapped around yours. Then we turn a corner and there are people. People everywhere. (...) And everyone is going about their own business. And we walk amongst them holding hands, and not one person turns to look at us. No one stops, no one stares. No one turns. And it is beautiful."

The Stars Just Watch is a new version of the story previously released under the title Is it Her?.

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