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Dragons and Adventurer

Had a pleasure of reading the latest book (and the first book of poems) by Davor Rostuhar, my favorite Croatian author, photographer and adventurer. In U zemlji zmaja, a beautifully designed book with 108 poems and even more original photographs, Rostuhar takes us to a memorable journey to the heart and soul of Bhutan. As in all of his previous books, he gives us a one of a kind being-on-the-spot experience, taking us with him to his spiritual and physical quest.

If you still haven't read his previous books I highly recommend them all: Samo nek' se kreće!, Na putu u skrivenu dolinu – umijeće prihvaćanja besmisla, Degustacija slobode (The Journey's Magic), Fotomonografija "National Geographic – Hrvatska iz zraka" (Photo-monograph "National Geographic – Croatia From Above"), and still my all-time favorite Džungla.

Two of his books are luckily translated into English and it is a great opportunity for anyone who either likes a good reading in English or just admires and values a good-quality professional photography, to meet Rostuhar and learns about his undeniable talent.


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