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Rim Tim Tagi Dim

There is a music phenomenon and my obsession I simply must write about on my blog Muse: Baby Lasagna!


#BabyLasagna is an artistic name of the 28 years old Croatian musician Marko Purišić who made an enormous impact on my life since early February when I first heard his song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim.”


About this time, started his music fairy tale, his Cinderella story, when his song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” appeared on the lineup as the finalists of Dora, the Croatian national competition for the Eurovision Song Contest, which this year takes place on May 7, 9 and 11 in Malmö, Sweden. What is so special and amazing about Baby Lasagna? Baby Lasagna was not supposed to compete at all because the Croatian broadcaster selected him as the first reserve and not the finalist. Only a month before the competition, he was called because one other finalist, Zsa Zsa, withdrew from the competition.


In only one month, Baby Lasagna made a lyric video for his song, a few days before the first semi-finals of #Dora2024 released his official video and for the first time in his career performed as the front man and the singer on the stage! He qualified for the finals and won by a landslide! He got 239 points more than the second ranked song with 53% votes from the televoting, which is insane.


Overnight, an underdog from the Croatian town, Umag in Istria, became a #Eurovision star creating an incredible hype not only in Croatia but also among YouTuber Eurovision fans from all over the world. His Cinderella story doesn’t end here. Baby Lasagna is currently a favorite no 1 from bookmakers who predict that Croatia will win Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with 19% of winning chance! And he is also number 1 in the Eurovision Poll 2024 with 13% of over 100K votes. This has never happened with any Croatian songs before.


Whether Baby Lasagna will win the #EurovisionSongContest or not (I hope he will!) is yet to be seen in 48 days. However, with all the media buzz and online attention he has created, Baby Lasagna is already a winner. His dream came true overnight! And I am happy and proud to admit that my six votes for him in the Croatian finals also had a minor role in helping him become so popular.


By all means, Baby Lasagna and “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” are my favorites and winners. I am not only obsessed with this song by liking its catchy rhythm and chorus and crazy, cute lyrics, but this song literary helps me with fighting my anxiety attacks and lifts my spirit. “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” may sound like a fun song, but it is so much more than that. Entertainingly, it speaks about the young rural guy who leaves his home, his parents, his friends, and his cat in search of a better life in a big city. It is also a song about many young Croatians who are leaving Croatia for a better life abroad. This song resonates with me on many levels and Baby Lasagna, being a humble young man who is also a cat lover, only makes me love him even more.


Please click here to read more about Baby Lasagna and watch here his official video which has over 2.3 million views. Lyrics of the song are here.



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