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Look for Me Under the Rainbow Trailer

The story of the little seal Danny got its book trailer!

Two authors with the same cause joined forces and realized collaboration which resulted in the book trailer for the young adult and literary fiction novella Look for Me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan.

Danny is a curious harp seal pup with soft white fur and black innocent eyes. Helen is an environmentalist, and a Rainbow Warrior activist. Her mission is to save animals.

As winter turns into spring, a new generation of seal pups comes to life. A few weeks later, the killing begins. Against a spectacular backdrop of ice and snow, Helen prepares to look horrific human cruelty in the face.

In the race against time and clubs, will Helen save Danny before the hunt begins and the ice turns red?

Some of the praises for Look for Me Under the Rainbow on Amazon and Goodreads:

Intense. A real eye-opener. Memorable. Gripping. Thought provoking. Amazing.

Captivating. Honest. Poetic. An extraordinary story. Emotional.

Fantastic writing. Profound. Heartbreaking. Realistic.

Outstanding! A must read! A call to action.

Bernard Jan is a pen name of an environmental and animal rights advocate and vegan. He is the author of seven books published in Croatian, a poet and an amateur photographer. Bernard Jan self-published three of his books, A World Without Color, Look for Me Under the Rainbow, and January River, in English on Amazon. In each of these stories, animals play an important role, carrying the message of compassion, empathy, tolerance.

Dean Cole is the writer of LGBTQ fiction, a vegan and animal rights advocate, video editor and book cover designer. He is the author of Look for Me Under the Rainbow book trailer and the trailers of his two books HIS BOY: A Romantic Comedy and Chasing Ghosts (The Quentin Strange Mysteries Book 1).

Bernard Jan thanks Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS),, Greenpeace, Animal Friends Croatia, and many other groups and individuals for the inspiration and their contribution to the fight for the harp seals in Canada and other animals worldwide.

Special thanks and credits go to People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for the beautiful footage of the harp seal pups provided for this book trailer.

Sometimes all you need is a big heart and burning desire. To change the world.


Look for Me Under the Rainbow trailer on YouTube

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