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I abandoned the idea of writing this review by retelling what happened to Natalie and Ethan after escaping death from the hands of merciless President Ash in the bowels of Area 51 because the ending of Delusional, book 2 in Control Freakz Series, surprised me so much that I still try to process what on earth happened and why the author did it!

I want to hang on to this feeling, without spoiling much the reading to those of you who will grab this futuristic, dystopian, action-packed thriller, eager to see what has Natalie gone through before completing a full circle from escaping to returning to the hateful Area 51 facility where she left behind not only the ones she loved most, but also the vital part of herself—her memories.

After posting this review, I’m moving on to the last book in the Control Freakz Series box set, where I also read this book. The suspense and adrenaline in me are still high and waiting won’t help. Thirteen months after reading the first book in the series, Michael Evans hooked me again with this story and I am determined to plunge without delay into another set of action scenes, mind and political games and fights for the world domination, manipulations, dark thoughts and personal crisis, not delusional but aware that I should expect the unexpected.


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