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Control Freakz vs. a Teenager with an Attitude

Michael Evans, a high school student, an advocate for a better future and a young adult author, nailed his appearance on the writing scene with his debut novel Control Freakz. I didn’t expect such mature and imaginative writing from someone so young! The fact I’ve read the second edition of his first novel in Control Freakz Series, which has a couple awesome plot and style changes from the first edition, as the author says in his note, cannot diminish the quality of his writing and story-telling.

If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic and dystopian literature, this is the book you must read. Not just to support the young and ambitious author but to enjoy the action-packed story of Natalie and two of her best friends, Hunter and Ethan, who are trying to escape attempted mind control by the invasive government of President Ash in the post-apocalyptic America.

As you read Control Freakz, you see the love and attraction Evans has for the words and how instinctively he handles them. But his love goes much further than writing books and telling exciting stories. He wrote this book (and the whole series) as a wake-up call and out of concern for our own world and its future. His desire to inspire others to advocate for positive changes in their lives and our world is admirable and I support him in that.

Michael Evans is a teenager whose commitment to his writing and love for this world we should all recognize and support.


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