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Art Lab Interview

I am more than happy to give the Croatian association Art Lab my first interview in English!

The association Art Lab is an art experiment that aims to unleash creativity and create space for new forms of artistic creation by strengthening the bond between audience and artists through creating space for fresh forms of artistic practice.

With these words, a fellow author and a super cool person, Vedrana Pavlak, introduced me in her interview with me: “Bernard Jan is the pseudonym of an award-winning author from Zagreb who is best known for his heartfelt novels, which he publishes in Croatian and English. Apart from being a dedicated writer, Bernard Jan is also a wonderful person with a lively sense of humor and a warm, understanding heart. His great love for people and animals is evident in his many years of work for animal rights and environmental protection. He is an artist worth knowing, and this interview is meant to give you a glimpse into the unique soul he pours out in his work.”

Thank you for the honor, Vedrana!

Read the whole interview here.


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