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A World Without Color

Look for Me Under the Rainbow

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Postcards From Beyond Reality: The Selected Poems of Michael Daniels

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My Book Cover Contests

The last few weeks were marked by my e-book A World Without Color taking part in a few cover contests. I should be pleased with how it all ended, though it was such a tight fight to win the AllAuthor contest—I lost it by five votes only!

The Book Designer

My book didn't win the e-Book Cover Design Awards for July 2017 among 93 entries in fiction category. However, it has received the following comment: "An interesting approach, but the composition never comes together, weakening your message. Although it's an ebook only, the cover looks like it was designed more for print."

True, the cover was designed both for print and an e-book but due to some technical problems the paperback edition is late; I hope it will be published this month.

Cover Wars

In Author Shout one-week contest Cover Wars, my book won the 3rd place out of 15 entries that started to compete on August 20 for the title "Book Of The Week". Not bad, huh?


AllAuthor Cover of the month August contest is my favorite and most exciting contest so far! 113 books started the contest, 24 ended up in finals, and after a long and tight competition with the winner, my book ended up ranked as #2 with only 5 votes behind!

I am proud of this success and very grateful to more than 450 of you who registered to vote for my book cover both in AllAuthor and Cover Wars contests!

AUTHORSdb—The Voting Continues!

On August 31, my e-book A World Without Color has been approved for the ongoing AUTHORSdb Cover Contest 2017! First round voting closes October 15, 2017, so please vote for my book now!

Please vote at the following link here or, if you prefer, get to it via Facebook or Pinterest.

Thank you for helping my book get to the next round of voting!

You can show further support to my book by purchasing it at Amazon or reading it for free at Kindle Unlimited and leaving an honest review.

Thank you very much!


Cover photo by Zachary Singh; Cover design by Mario Kožar MKM Media

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Second place for A World Without Color by Bernard Jan in AllAuthor's book cover contest

A World Without Color by Bernard Jan

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