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Passion in every word I wrote, passion in every single thought.

I write this blog post amidst working on – and in a couple of days finishing – my Twitter lists, getting rejections from and sending queries to literary agents, fixing my mailing list, updating my website and reading at least five chapters a day of The Kill Order (fascinating book!) by James Dashner.

I wanted to do it last night, but I was too tired. I admit, last weekend, and the whole week actually, were pretty exciting and busy for me, so my original plan has extended into this week. But when you do something with conviction and passion, it's not such a big deal really.

Passion: this is what I want to write about today, as I've mentioned and promised before. Passion – that motivating force, that fuel that burns within us and makes us strive and reach for the impossible. It all starts with setting our goals and our priorities, and our goals and priorities should always be the things that we love most, not what others expect us to do. Once we recognize them, it gets much easier. Or, at least, it seems so!

Seriously, and joking aside, the key is in finding what we love to do and then trying to find a way to make a living from it. It might not be easy at the start. In our darkest hour, it might seem insane and delusional. Crazy! We will have many obstacles to jump over and evade, many wild rivers to cross. Sacrifices will be asked and demanded as well. But once we start conquering them one after another, we will keep going and going.

Our passion for the things we love and enjoy and which we want to share with others will lead us on our way. The first tiny spark of modest wish and desire is turning into a flame which lights us from the inside like a huge bonfire at nightfall. It is burning within us and it warms everyone around us. It is our inner force, our passion, which attracts others to us, motivating their thinking about their goals, their wishes and dreams and making them recognize, acknowledge and reach out for them.

We don't have to be driven by the urge to change the world in order to feel that kind of passion. It can be any little thing that lights our eyes each morning and makes us smile at the day before us, making others happy because of it. Whether it is something we want to buy for ourselves or others, the same unknown boy or girl we see each morning on our way to work and think we have enough love to approach and offer them the prospect of mutual life filled with happiness, a job we cannot leave even at the late night hour despite tiredness and exhaustion, a needy fellow human or animal we are trying to save, help and offer some comfort, or a song or a book we are trying to write and share with everyone.

We can do all that with that flame of passion burning inside us. Yes, we can. Because I can.

I am not a motivational speaker and I can only wish one day to become an influencer who is helping others in making positive changes in their lives. But I can tell with certainty and no lies that I have been rejected, written off and on my knees more than a good share of time, that I had given up on my dreams for a period of almost 16 years, that I wanted to go through life with no worry and care on my mind, in other words without passion in my heart. It would have been so much easier, but I am glad it is not the case anymore.

I rose and I keep rising each time I fall. I follow my path with the goal in sight and passion that scorches my guts. Sometimes it feels like I am walking alone but sometimes and even more often I see others who walk beside me, either attracted by my passion or by merging their passion with mine. Passionate people attract other passionate people. Nobody wants to be touched by coldness; we have too much of that in our lives already.

If I am allowed and entitled to give anyone advice, I will say this: recognize what you love, set your goals and spark your passion. Let its flame burn in every single thought you have, in every single thing you do. No matter how long it takes, no matter what it takes. And it might take quite a while, years even, make no mistake! Even if some sacrifices and changes are required in the process, it is worthy, it is not wasted. Even though it feels like it is not working for you in the way you want now, your passion might be working for someone else. It is never wasted and eventually it is always rewarded.


Passion in every word I wrote. Passion in every single thought.

If you like quotation images I have made for my website, feel free to use them and share them with others. Let's keep motivating each other!


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