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Nameless: Season Two

My reviews of six short stories from the Season Two of the Nameless series. It’s much better than the first one!

A new dark thriller from one of my favorite authors of all times. A city of violence, an arm dealer, a teenage boy as an extended hand on the side of justice is a promise of a good plot. A successful start of Nameless: Season Two.

The angel of death has always been a topic which raised lots of attention, shock and controversy, and the same is with this Nameless episode by Dean Koontz. The moment I started reading about a twisted angel of mercy killing those he found ugly, it smelled to be one of my favorite Nameless stories. It still might be if I wasn’t undecided about the ending which to me resembled more to the future and the events our society is heading towards (again) than to a perfect ending for this story: “What he has seen is a nation gone insane. History attests that whole societies can turn away from truth and descend into a madness of lies in as little as a year. That was all it took in Germany in the late 1930s.” As much as I hate this vision, I will be gentle with my rating.

Does a story with abused animals help the season two of the Nameless series look better than the first one? Yes, it scored some extra points with me as a person who has dedicated most of his life to animal advocacy. But there is also something about Koontz’s writing which is better, more capturing. And the proximity of uncovering the mystery about the nameless protagonist in the hands of justice in a decaying, totalitarian society makes me enjoy these stories.

A young mother and her daughter fleeing an abusive cult is another suspense Nameless story that will keep its readers glued to their smartphones, computers, and e-readers. This unplanned rescue mission isn’t spared new violent, dark visions of totalitarianism.

More visions of the totalitarian, threatening madness of the future, more memories breaking through from the erased past. Enough for this story from the Season Two of Nameless.

That’s it! The grand finale. The mystery man behind the Nameless identity revealed. The totalitarian regime conspired by a few individuals determined to conquer and rule the world exposed. Could it be better? I don’t think so.


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