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My Website Updates

Have you noticed anything new on my website this new year? The biggest change is my new/old blog Muse!

I didn’t change its design much because I was happy with the original layout. New blog is, though, updated and modernized and you can see it on the same link as before. Don’t hesitate to browse my new and old posts!

Subscribe to my mailing list button is now in two places: on my blog Muse and my About Me page so the visitors of my website can find it easier. This is the second thing I have changed.

The third and the last changes are my Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy December 24, 2019 updates with Google Fonts, Sentry and The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). CCPA actually doesn’t apply to me, but I guess it can’t hurt having it. I invite you to read them when you are in the mood and have time.



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