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My Goodreads Reviews Part 51

This is my first collection of ten books I’ve read and reviewed on Goodreads! I have some real good stuff listed here, so this is an honest invitation for the fans of the following genres: horror, thriller, non-fiction (business, success), dystopia, post-apocalyptic, historical fiction, LitRPG, LGBT YA romance, animal fiction, humorous. You are welcome to buy and read as many as you want!

The Curse of Dark Sunrise, Pina Coladas and Rats, The Doll Collection, Void Fate, Meat, Lead the Field, The Silo Saga Omnibus: Wool, Shift, Dust, and Silo Stories, King Minos 4: Wrath of Ra (Master of the Minoans), Kamikaze Boys, A Better Heart

I am thrilled to say that Kristina Gallo wrote my favorite book so far! Music festival, beautiful nature, a cult, mystery, kidnapping, suspense, murder. Everything is there. I love it!

I have received an advance review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

This author has traveled a long way: from the sci-fi space wars, zombie horror series, dinosaur fantasy horror, to name just a few, and under his pane name Angelus Maximus to LitRPG, historical war fiction, and Greek and Roman drama. I’ve read lots of his books, but his latest horror, Pina Coladas and Rats, strikes me as very likely my favorite book that came from the pen of the writing machine called Angel Ramon. And not only because of its setting in the 1980s, which are the years I am always happy to return to!

I may be controversial when saying that because I have an unexplained natural fear of rats, but I also have a natural attraction toward places like Puerto Rico, so maybe this part won me over. Either way, Pina Coladas and Rats is an engaging, capturing, thrilling read that pulls you through its story with the strings of suspense and curiosity. It is a successful horror fiction with the promise of a sequel, which I will also read. I just hope that the author won’t write too many books in the series because with such stories there is always a danger of repeating yourself or watering down its frightening effect. But let’s see where the killer rats will take us!

I must also say a few words about the book cover, which is amazing and perfect for this book. It was wow at first sight. Pina Coladas and Rats is the complete package, so, Angel, make sure you won’t disappoint us with Book 2!

The Doll Collection by Robert Stowe

I was sure I would review this book with the words: Don’t be misled by its cover, The Doll Collection is a full-blooded, violent, gory, and graphic thriller. But then something happened when Davy came into a picture, and it turned into a heartwarming human story as well. Although the collecting dolls continued, I experienced it with different eyes, and I must admit that I hugely enjoyed this unusual mix of thriller and family drama. Do read it!

I have received an advance review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

Chilling to the bones. No, to the bone marrow! A horror with a successful intent to scare you.

They say that curiosity killed the cat, and curiosity almost killed me, too. I should have known better; I should have known I shouldn’t read this book because I knew it would affect me so much. The slaughterhouse process in Meat is one of the most graphic, detailed, brutal, and honest descriptions I came across in my animal rights advocating career. I barely pushed myself through it, even though I knew about the hidden truth which was happening behind the secret and “sacred” walls of slaughterhouses. And the brutality of the characters in this disturbing novel is nothing less shocking. This was not an easy reading experience. But this book must be read because it tells a story that must not be kept secret. It is a story that is not happening in some dystopian, imaginary world, but every single minute in our closest neighborhood. Meat is everywhere around us, and so is death. And the only way to celebrate life and turn our backs to the horrors of such suffering is to switch to a plant-based diet or, at the very least, open our eyes and hearts to the misery of others. Showing and practicing a little empathy shouldn’t be so hard, right?

If you are an ambitious person or want to make something out of your life (find happiness and realization of your goals in business success and wealth), this is the book you ought to read. It is a useful handbook and guide on how to climb the layers of the socioeconomic pyramid and find your place under the sun, how to live your life the way you want to live it.

Translating this book for the Croatian publisher, Planetopija, was yet another enlightening experience for me.

Absolutely fantastic and brilliant. Again!

I loved paperback editions I’ve read seven-and-a-half years ago, and now I even more love The Silo Saga Omnibus: Wool, Shift, Dust, and Silo Stories.

One of the best dystopian series ever written, which will also remain one of the best dystopian series ever written for a long time.

Except, when I look at it seven years later, it loses its dystopian, futuristic touch as our reality changes its face with the first ticks of dystopia and the future is closing in on us with its merciless grip FAST.

Hugh Howey, how many of us will survive in this real world?

Read my old review here.

Despite the repetitive pattern of LitRPG parts throughout the entire book, Wrath of Ra is an enjoyable, intriguing, and educational historical read. My favorites: relationship building between gods and constant expectation of betrayal. I continue liking the King Minos series!

Perfect for anyone who has been bullied in their lives and found hope and promise of a happier future in the arms of a beloved person. Kamikaze Boys is such a promise.

If for no other reason, this book should be read widely for its outstanding message. Thank you for your compassion, Chuck Augello!

Happy reading!


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