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My Goodreads Reviews Part 47

Thrillers, literary and contemporary dramas, and romance LGBTQ fiction are the essence of my My Goodreads Reviews Part 47. I hope at least one of these books has been written just for you so relax in your easy chair and enjoy their company!

One Must Die, The Secret Behind the Silk Sheets, Walking with Mr. Smith, My Pumpkin Prince - And The Ghost Between Us (My Ghost Roommate #2), Stolen Moments of Joy

An insanely hard choice to make, a gripping page-turner to read.

Kristina Gallo’s latest read, The Secret Behind the Silk Sheets, is stepping on the path of her previous successes such as Unfinished Business, The Mermaid From My Nightmare, The Seller of Sins, or Body in the Waves, to name just a few. Secrets, intrigue, murder, mystery, investigation are laced into a story you will not want to put down. Kristina has another dark thriller waiting for you to enjoy it!

I have received an advance review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

With my dad passing away less than a month ago and suffering for years from dementia, this book hit too close to home. I am overwhelmed with emotions, and this is my review of this book. Overwhelmed. I'm sorry I have nothing more constructive to say, but this speaks volumes as well. Doesn’t it?

Oh my, this is love at first sight! Adorable, entertaining, the fastest page-turner that gave me lots of deep feels! Totally loving it. Thank you, Daryl!

Drama, destructive relationship, domestic violence. Love trying to survive between the shards of broken trust, insults, cheating, and slaps. Can a young man lacking self-respect shake off the baggage of his unfortunate past and find freedom and happiness in this sad, LGBT story? Not an easy read with several heavy topics, but the read that needs to be respected because of them.

Happy reading!


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