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My Goodreads Reviews Part 43

A set of fantastic five books I’ve read in the last two months is here as My Goodreads Reviews Part 43. Science fiction, dystopia, suspense, mystery, thriller, WWII historical, LGBTQ. I loved them all and I hope you will too.

Sand, In Pursuit of Platinum: The Shocking Secret of World War II, Past Sins (Officer Jack Ballinger Mysteries #1), Shadows in the Night (Officer Jack Ballinger Mysteries #2), Decimate

I made a mistake I shouldn’t repeat. Silo Trilogy by Hugh Howey impressed me so much that I compared Sand to it when I started reading it. Which was a big no-no. Once I freed myself from the fantastic Wool-Shift-Dust series’ influence, I enjoyed Sand to the fullest. I realize I wasn’t fair because Sand is an excellent book, and it deserved its chance. And I’m glad I gave it that chance because it absorbed me like the living sand that swallows everything. Hugh Howey delighted me again! This was another amazing reading experience.

I apologize to In Pursuit of Platinum for keeping it so long on my reading list. Despite its abrupt ending, which left me a bit disappointed and expectant, this historical, thriller novel reminded me of how much I love WWII stories. I enjoyed this adventurous reading experience!

I have received an advance review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

I read books in many different genres, and I am always happy to see when an author makes a successful transition from one genre to another! This is the case with Thomas Grant Bruso, too. I’ve already read and liked his books in LGBTQ YA, coming of age, and romance genres. Now I enjoyed his novella Past Sins, a blend of gay romance, detective, crime, and mystery murder. I like to say that beauty is in variety, so you won’t be disappointed with a story of a gay cop, double homicide and bizarre murders, haunting past relationships, and love that makes all the hardships easier.

Reading the first two books in Officer Jack Ballinger Mysteries one after another was a thrilling experience. While Past Sins is a slower but exciting ride into the mystery of crimes, Shadows in the Night is a tour de force. From the first page and its great opening lines, it is a full-speed, mad ride into darkness, anxiety, haunted visions, and violence. In Shadows in the Night, the author pushed his limits beyond recognition. Mr. Bruso, you floored it; you nailed it. Can it be crazier than this?

I have received an advance review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

After reading this gripping, science fiction technothriller, which digs deep into the unknown and mysterious territory of near-death experience and afterlife, it is hard for me not to draw the parallel with similar books of one of my favorite authors, Dean Koontz. By saying that, I want to give a compliment to Christopher Rice as I recall the most riveting and chilling parts of Decimate with contentment.

Happy reading!


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