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My Goodreads Reviews Part 40

It’s been two months since my last book recommendations, but I am sure the waiting was worth it for My Goodreads Reviews Part 40. Horror, fantasy, thriller, LGBT coming of age, non-fiction. Take a pic and dive into your next summer read!

The Torn Earth (Lesser Known Monsters Book 3), Quicksilver, Self-Publishing with Amazon Ads: The Author's Guide to Lower Costs, Higher Royalties, and Greater Peace of Mind, Unfinished Business, Capitol Punishment

At the end of everything, I can only thank the author for an incredible experience and journey through the darkness and light. Through hope and desperation. Those who know me better know how I feel know, because I don’t like endings and partings. I don’t like saying goodbye to The Torn Earth and Lesser Known Monsters series, nor to their heroes and villains. I hate to accept that it is over and somewhere deep inside of me, I will keep the spark of hope burning that Rory Michaelson will find strength to resurrect their story, as brief or short as it may be. But this is something they and their monsters will have to decide as they hunt each other down the channel of time, into the future.

When my heart is full like now, I am a man of few words. A firework of emotions flashes in my heart and mind with the images from this dark, merciless, exciting, gory, and emotional story. In which saving the world is important as saving love, where one cannot exist without another. This is a hymn of intimacy and the power of genuine love in a world spinning on the edge of destruction. And I love listening to it and processing it with my torn heart in the silent moments of my intimacy and peace.

“Not all happy endings are the same and . . . darkness and light live within us all. But what really counts is what we do and who we love, and how we are loved in turn.”—Rory Michaelson

Quicksilver is proof that Koontz didn’t forget to write a thrilling, suspense story. A wonderful story of an “odd” and special teenage protagonist on an even more special mission. Just the way I like it!

This book is a blast. It is a vivid, realistic reminder of the last thirteen months I have spent doing the Amazon ads with amazing Bryan Cohen’s squad. And it took me years to make that decision, to dive into a nightmarish experience called Amazon ads. It took me two Author Ad Profit Challenges to muster up the courage and, on the third try, to launch my first campaign for my literary fiction, coming-of-age novel, January River. It was April 12, 2021. One year later, I am still doing ads for three of my books.

Make no mistake, I am not successful like Erin in this book. She is nailing it big time while I am dancing on the thin line of getting a small profit and losing up to twenty dollars a month. This is because of my peculiarity as an author who has five books released on Amazon and each one of them is different and a mix of various genres. Such books are difficult to market and there are days when it’s hard to find relevant keywords for my cross-genre literary challenges. But being a proud member of Author Ad School, I’ve seen authors who are making profit, who are making more money as time goes by. Which is proof that Bryan Cohen’s theory behind Amazon ads mystery works in practice.

Self-Publishing with Amazon Ads: The Author's Guide to Lower Costs, Higher Royalties, and Greater Peace of Mind is the book that will encourage you to try something you might have dreaded doing as I did. I am glad I overcame that fear, and I am glad that I am still doing the ads to give better chances for survival to my books. And I am so grateful for having a selfless Author Ad School Squad support whenever I need them, and I needed them a lot. For making ads, for finding the right categories and relevant keywords, for tweaking my blurbs and choosing a cover for my poetry book. I got all that and I know I will have their help as long as I need it. This is something no money can buy.

A big THANK YOU to you all.

Self-Publishing with Amazon Ads is as real as it can be. With a little luck and some effort, it can be a game changer for you too and your career as an author. Give Bryan and his squad at least a chance to help you, with no fear and no regrets.

I thank Bryan Cohen for the advanced reader copy of this book which I was more than happy to support with a small donation in his project on Kickstarter.

Fast-paced, gripping, twist-turning, with elements of surprise and a smashing end, Unfinished Business breathes with revenge for retribution of war crimes in former Yugoslavia. Might be Gallo's best thriller so far. Read it to prove me wrong. I would like to hear your opinion.

I have received an advance review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

This book starts as a gripping but difficult coming out story which quickly turns into a dark sexual self-discovery with multiple anonymous partners, endless partying, and a quest for revenge and a more meaningful and happy life. Capitol Punishment speaks to us almost in a documentary way about a gay community of New York in the 1970s, raw, brutal, emotional, and unforgiving. The story doesn’t lack sex scenes that will make more sensitive readers blush, but it runs much deeper than quick one-night stands. It carries a strong human rights message, strong as a cry for freedom, liberation, and justice. And honest as the need to be loved and to love somebody.

I congratulate the author on the ending. It will stir some emotions and reactions, but, for me, this is the perfect and the only logical ending for a dark novel like Capitol Punishment.

Happy reading!


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