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My Goodreads Reviews Part 37

March brings five new books I’ve read and reviewed in My Goodreads Reviews Part 37 collection of horror short novels, thriller and young adult sci-fi short reads, and a young adult dystopian novel. Does the future bring us hope or horror predictions? Read these books and consider leaving your honest reviews.

Bad People: A Collection of Short Novels, Shadows and Dreams (ReMade #1.1), Patch Job (ReMade #2.1), Independent Study (The Testing #2), The Garage

I read before The Mailman and Box of Bones, and now I had a pleasure of enjoying Six Bullets and Re-Roll. A great collection!

An interesting start of the young adult sci-fi adventure serial reminding me of my beloved The Maze Runner series. I missed, though, a taste of Lost which I looked forward to.

I am not a fan of robots, but there is something charming between Jing-Wei and Sparky. And that’s what I will take with me from this episode.

Electrifying. Smart. Exciting. You can’t stop reading it.

Sweet, short, suspenseful. I wish it had lasted longer!

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