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My Goodreads Reviews Part 36

It’s been a month and a half since my last Goodreads reviews, but here they are now: My Goodreads Reviews Part 36! Horror, LitRPG historical fantasy, a true story, thriller, and dystopia are genres I have for you in this set of books. Hope you like them and will write a short, honest review for the books you choose to read.

Crucifax, Betrayal of the Arcani 2: First Trial (A Real LitRPG Series), A Night to Remember, The Mermaid From My Nightmare, The Testing (The Testing #1)

A seducing, sinister song of death preying on unaware and messed-up teenagers. A successful horror of the eighties you will enjoy reading despite its creepiness and some scenes that are not for everyone.

And the adventure full of action continues in this historical fantasy novel as Aelia, Marius, and Marcus fight Patricius the necromancer and the conspiracy plot! I like this literary cocktail of Roman gods, dragons, zombies, and human villains and heroes. My only concern about this book is its length. Although I am a fan of long reads (hail, hail Stephen King!), the whole Betrayal of the Arcani series of 700-plus-pages-long books might discourage some readers who would otherwise love to read it. Tightening the next books in the series might be something worth considering, because it wouldn’t devaluate them and ruin their storyline and dynamics, but could attract new fans. We all want more happy readers to enjoy the books we like, right? 😉

Fascinating, tragic, mysterious, heartbreaking. A story, a tragedy we will never forget. Titanic is gone, but she continues to live.

Sins from the past instigated restlessness and chaos in the lives of protagonists in this exotic thriller. For Dijana, a business-and-pleasure trip to another continent ended up with an unexpected twist. I’m glad Kristina Gallo has built the bridge between Croatia and distant Brazil, thus adding a special spice to her story.

I have received an advance review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

A sweet treat for the fans of The Hunger Games series. Enjoy reading!

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