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My Goodreads Reviews Part 35

Welcome to my first post in 2022 and the new collection of books I have reviewed on Goodreads—My Goodreads Reviews Part 35. I hope you like my suspense-thriller-apocalyptic-romantic combination and will enjoy these books too!

Lady Justice and the Spy, The Enigma Strain (Harvey Bennett #1), The Amazon Code (Harvey Bennett #2), Loss of Reason (State of Reason #1), The Boy at the Bottom of the Fountain

Whether there is truth behind it or just a fiction, I am glad that this book covers two serious topics not enough people today are concerned about: chemtrails and Big Pharma “conspiracies,” that is effects on our lives. In his Lady Justice and the Spy mystery novel, Robert Thornhill made it all sound so real. Is it because of his convincing storytelling or the latest events in our world? Decide for yourself.

Full of excitement, action, suspense. A viral adrenaline-rush!

You can’t miss it with Amazon. Put a good story in the Amazon Rainforest and you have my attention. Add to it a nefarious organization with a secret agenda to change the world, lots of action and wild, murderous rituals of indigenous tribes, and you are all set for a thrilling adventure!

An island becomes a deadly trap in the hands of merciless executioners. A mass extermination begins with a detonation of a nuclear bomb in New York City in this suspenseful, post-apocalyptic thriller. In their rescue mission to find and save their sister, two brothers enter a nightmare they couldn’t imagine in their wildest dreams.

A heartwarming and sweet short story about second chances that will leave you with a content smile on your face and a small lump in your throat.

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