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My Goodreads Reviews Part 32

For the second time in October, I am sharing my Goodreads reviews with you. Check out My Goodreads Reviews Part 32 for great thrillers, mystery, family drama, LGBTQ, animal fiction, and young adult novels!

Blue Moon (Plavi mjesec), The Wide Night Sky, The Pale Skulls (GoldenEars #2), Summer Storms, A Mirror Above the Abyss

Excellent, violent, deadly.

A family drama as an open window into the souls of its members and protagonists. Contemporary and enjoyable.

OMG, I love it, I love it, I love it! I’m in love with this book, and this is my raw, non-edited explosion of emotions. If you’ve read and liked White Fang or The Call of the Wild, this book is a definite must for you. It’s just so . . . AMAZING. Endless love and tender emotion for the animal kingdom (wolves!) in this gripping, adventurous tale. Pure and honest as a snowflake, shiny as a crystal of ice. I wish there is no end to GoldenEars. So, Jane, please, I want book three!

All of you who are reading my review of The Pale Skulls, please also read my review of The Whispering Mountain to see why I’m helplessly in love with this story. I can’t think straight, I am choking with emotions. And it’s fine, it’s all good because I know GoldenEars will never be erased from my memory.

Like a soothing, refreshing summer rain, Summer Storms drips on your emotions, awaking forgotten memories of first sympathies, crushes, loves. It is a story of two boys—three actually—and their families. Functional and dysfunctional ones. A real-life story about painful regrets for those we have lost and cannot forget and let go. About injustices and hurt of childhood and adolescent years, unimaginable things parents can do to their children just because they cannot deal with who they are on one side and an incredible, unreserved support on the other side.

Summer Storms is a tender novel about two different worlds living next to each other, in the same neighborhood, merging with the wave of hand, a coy smile, with the power of a simple “hi” of liberated teenage love.

You don’t want to spend your summer without it. Or any other season.

I have received an advance review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligation toward the author.

Are we living in the world of lies? What is the truth? What happened during the most tragic events of the twentieth century? Who are the true assassins and villains? A Mirror Above the Abyss offers a gasping alternate reality of our world. A very interesting concept worth reading and pondering!

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