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My Goodreads Reviews Part 30

I am on a reading spree, presenting you two new authors and the authors you already know from my previous posts and recommendations. Five new books, five new temptations for you. Will you resist them? I hope not!

The Variant Saga Box Set: Books 1-4, Heart of Summer (The Gold Brothers, #3), Hanging on the Roller Coaster, ‘Nids, Conversations with Eric

It’s been two years and four months since I’ve read The Amber Project, the first book in The Variant Saga series. After reading the other three books, Transient Echoes, Hope Everlasting, and The Vernal Memory, nothing has changed. I love the entire series, with The Amber Project (probably) being my favorite book. A fantastic sci-fi, dystopian read worthy of my recommendation!

A trope of two guys raising a baby is not what I look for when picking a new book to read. With so many things going on in this book, I could be quite comfortable without a crying, screaming, and farting baby. Especially since the author successfully spread Maverick’s and Theo’s anxiety and stress to me.

Heart of Summer is not a bad book at all. It’s just my third favorite book in The Gold Brothers series. My mistake was that I set high expectations after Hummingbird Heartbreak. It was my bad I thought the series would take another route to a different (the Gold Sanctuary) ending. Contrary to the general opinion, Hummingbird Heartbreak is my darling and my favorite The Gold Brothers book. I wonder how it would function and whether it would be even better as a standalone.

As someone who is afraid of heights and has experienced the maddening thrill of riding a Coney Island roller coaster, I can imagine how terrifying must be a fall during such a ride.

Hanging on the Roller Coaster is the latest successful thriller by Kristina Gallo, which will occupy your mind with the expectation of an answer to what happened to Adela at the amusement park in Gardaland. Was it an accident or were there secret plans pointing to something more than just an unlucky fall?

Just like in her thrillers The Player Without Luck, Body in the Waves, or Husband for Rent, Kristina Gallo gave us a suspense story with a set of well-developed characters for spending a pleasant weekend evening with a book in our hands instead of wasting our time in front of a TV.

I have received a copy of Hanging on the Roller Coaster at no cost and with no obligation toward the author.

If you suffer from arachnophobia, you will want to skip this book. But if you can hold your bowels, go for it, experience the scare and the thrill!

What a pleasurable surprise this book is! Funny, honest, entertaining, full of twists and turns, and unbelievable situations. Well-spent time with strong and realistic characters, and the dog. I recommend it!

Happy reading,


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