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My Goodreads Reviews Part 28

I am proud of the authors and their books I’ve read and reviewed in My Goodreads Reviews Part 28. They know how to write and capture your attention. Get their books and let them take you into their worlds.

Chasing Ghosts (The Quentin Strange Mysteries #1), Velvet Midnight (The Gold Brothers #2), That Eighteenth Summer, An Unusual Boy, Familiar

Thank you, Dean, for taking me back to my boyhood and my teenage years when I was fascinated with ghosts and supernatural stories. When curiosity was stronger than fear of the unknown and the creaking sounds of undefined origin. As I grew older, I learned ghosts are not the ones to be afraid of, but the living. The living are the ones who can hurt and damage you.

Chasing Ghosts is a captivating, suspenseful, humorous, and charming mystery with a set of realistic, loveable characters. Its real essence lies deeper under the layers of first impressions and intentions to scare you. It is the story of love, redemption, forgiveness, and healing.

I exist when you see a robin. When you see a butterfly. We exist together, all the time, no matter where we are. And we’ll exist together when you join me. Find the place inside your heart that sees that greater love.

I blinked through the blurriness of my tears . . . This was the message he had returned to give me . . . And now he had delivered it, it was time for the final goodbye.

Lyrical and poetic, it carries an emotional weight that sticks with you much longer after the last ghosts fade away into their ethereal presence and life returns to its routine.

I blinked at the dewy ground . . . I looked around for something I could leave as a gift . . . “It might not be much,” I said. “But it helped me.”

The birdsong had ceased. The wind rustled the trees again. It could have been a whisper of a thank you. But that could have been wishful thinking.

I love this story. How about you?

I kept my promise. Hummingbird Heartbreak was not the last book I’ve read from Max Walker. Velvet Midnight is another steamy romance in The Gold Brother series which revolves around the blackmail threatening with ruining a young man’s life with the sex scandal, love lost and found, and unsolved family relationship. If you are soft at heart, expect some tears in the end. Whether those are tears of sadness or happiness, find out by yourself.

Emotional, charming, a realistic portrait of young people’s doubts, confusion, and struggles to find their own path and meaning in life. I remember it all. A sweet and timely read on hot summer days.

Sweet, powerful, heartwarming, emotional, inspirational, different. Read it!

A celebrity psychic medium at the center of the investigation. Departed friends with untold stories and secrets about their deaths that need to be exposed so their living ones have closure.

Familiar is a high-caliber ghost story, a gripping, paranormal, psychological thriller full of spooks, chills, and thrills. A suspense and mystery novel worth reading? Sure, and much more than that!

Arabella will give you a memorable experience you will love and appreciate. Especially if you are not afraid of an eruption of emotions between the living and the dead in their last reunion.

Happy reading,


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