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My Goodreads Reviews Part 22

I have five new books posted in My Goodreads Reviews Part 22! Please show them some love and check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Bitter Almonds & Jasmine, Finally a Vegan: My journey to Veganuary and Beyond, Body in the Waves, Deception: A Love of Lies, Purple Shadows: Empty Colours: Book 1

Intrigue, mystery, sex, human trafficking, murder, violence. Powerful and explosive British noir thriller that will keep you captivated.

I always love to read true, life-changing stories. Finally a Vegan is such a story, honest and objective portrait of the author’s transformation from omnivore to a dedicated vegan. Finally a Vegan is not only a book about veganism. It is an eye-opener, a window into the world of lies we are living in. The lies our society tells us, indoctrinating us by marketing deceptions of companies who build their empires on animal exploitation and abuse.

Stephanie Jane in a kind, down-to-earth and logical way describes her first attempts to go vegan, when she was discouraged by her family members, until her full growth to conscientious, empathic, and caring person. Her transformation is natural and full of understanding and care for the world around her. The story of her new lifestyle she has sweetened with delicious vegan recipes and motivational fiction and nonfiction books that will encourage everyone who desires to try veganism or go vegan. We must not forget that every little thing counts when lives of the sentient beings and the well-being our planet are in question. Every little step we take makes a difference. Thank you for all the steps you have taken, Stephanie.

This short psychological thriller pulls you into its pages like the waves of the sea pull the dead body into its eternal embrace. Its currents are deep and strong from the first rape scene to other traumatic experiences Natalija is going through many years later on the beautiful Croatian seaside after the new, unexpected encounter with her rapist Denis. Body in the Waves is the book you will read in one breath because you cannot put it down before you reach the last page.

Kristina Gallo did a great job, not only by writing an intriguing, suspense story but also by sparking to a flame my craving, desire, and nostalgia for the sea and beautiful hot summer days (in these cold, cold winter days) despite the atrocities which always happen to someone, somewhere, out there.

This fantastic psychological thriller begins innocently and then spirals into the heart of a twilight zone. This is the ride and drama you won’t forget. Grab T.J. Blake’s Deception without further delay and experience this unbelievable love of lies!

I should be angry with D.T. Moorhouse. But I cannot. It wouldn’t be fair. Because I am the same type of author who shows no or very little mercy to his characters. Who allows the reality to grind them instead of giving them a fairy tale escape into happily ever after.

That being said, Purple Shadows has everything that needs for a gripping debut novel. A great story, a good plot, memorable characters and drama to keep you emotionally engaged. Honestly, I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t. Which is something I both appreciate and hate. But this is life, right?

Happy reading!


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