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My Goodreads Reviews Part 16

This is the new set of five books I’ve reviewed for you on Goodreads. I hope you pick and enjoy some or all the books from My Goodreads Reviews Part 16!

The flaming horses: Collection of poetry, The Man With The Mandolin, Run, Carolina Spirit, Boy Erased: A Memoir of Identity, Faith, and Family

The verses, confessed by the author’s soul, purified the air intoxicated with fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. Healing the wounds and bringing calmness to the restlessness of a day. Stjepan Varesevac Cobets’s mission is completed. His flaming horses can graze in peace.

Intriguing, romantic, erotic, mysterious dance on the edge between doom and happiness.

Revenge and the killing spree of an ex-boyfriend and a former soldier suffering from PTSD. Hurt, possessiveness and not accepting the rejection know no boundaries in this short but action-packed and gripping thriller.

In a time when everything seems surreal and drowning in the mud of pre-dystopia, getting such a book in your hands is a medicine for the soul. Carolina Spirit is a realistic reminder of the days and lives we lived just a blink of an eye ago, now so distant, like from a different era of our history. But they are still here, imprinted in our minds and memories, and the lyrical world of Gracie from Lady’s Island off the coast of South Carolina. A place we would all love to escape now if we only could, despite Gracie’s personal tragedy and the hush of darkness which whispers to her in her search for truth. Maybe we cannot do that physically, but we can let our minds go, to roam free and careless for a few hours as we swim through the story of Carolina Spirit, enjoying the beauty, poetry, mysticism, strange voices, and honest friendship from the American South. I am closing my eyes in another attempt to escape to this old and alluring world. The voices are calling me.

A true story Boy Erased: A Memoir of Identity, Faith, and Family is an eye-opener and the window to the world of chaos, tragedy, hatred, abuse, and discrimination. The world in which individuals suffer to the point of going crazy or committing a suicide just because they are different or not fit for the self-proclaimed righteous society, which practices double standards. But is it so surprising, considering what we are (capable of) doing to the “lesser” beings (animals) and to our planet? Boy Erased is a cry of a young man for the acceptance. A cry for freedom, happiness, tolerance, and love. As long as we refuse to listen to the cries of all boys and girls erased, to the cries of everyone oppressed, and until every individual and every living being, human or animal, is granted freedom, tolerance, and equal rights, none of us will have that freedom. Our world is full of colors, and the only way to understand it and live in it without causing damage to others is to see and embrace them all.

Happy reading!


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