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My Goodreads Reviews Part 13

I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. I realized only when I started to write this post that I posted my last Goodreads reviews exactly a month ago. Not that it matters much, but it caught my attention.

So, here they are. My Goodreads Reviews Part 13 presenting you the new five books I enjoyed reading and reviewing on my Goodreads profile. Hope you like them, too!

Another Time, Another Place, The Seller of Sins, The Mailman, Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book, Red Rain (Nameless #4)

What is it that drives us on when life becomes tough and we cannot see the world as before but only through our memories, smells, and touches? Another Time, Another Place is exciting, mysterious, suspenseful and sexy quest through romantic France (from Paris to Marseilles) for something we value most. It is a test of friendship and love when tragedy and trauma caught us in their net of sacrifice, blackmails, sexual encounters, desire, longing, false hopes, and everything that struggles in us to set us free and find happiness again. A story worth reading.

First it is a bed of roses and then their marriage is a thorn in their side. Karolina and Filip are complete opposites and so are their ways in search for happiness. Is it possible to fix their broken marriage or is it better to part ways? Seeing strangers online and having pleasurable moments can give a boost to your confidence and the sense of self-worth, but so can a short but intense affair during a business trip. Grab The Seller to find out whether Karolina and Filip will come undamaged out of their secret lives and if there is a price to pay for their sins. This great dark story of the marriage in crises and things we are ready to do for a touch of love is so real that is almost too familiar.

Something new, refreshing and unexpected from Jeremy Bates? Yes! Already a fan of his horror stories (check out the novels in the World’s Scariest Places series!) now I am a fan of his thrillers, too. The Mailman is an addictive mixture of dangerous, toxic rock and a surprising family drama. Don’t judge the book by the beginning (which I also like) because the end will reward you!

This book is like a mirror, or the reflection in the water, showing you all your business scars, wrinkles and flaws, but also the ways and means to correct them. No one claims it’s easy; it takes time, effort, and commitment, but it can be done. Building a Connection System to fuel your platform and connect with your fans and readers could be the way for the first thousand copies you sell, and then even more books. For those thinking of a successful and long-term writing career, this guide will be a great help.

Red Rain is a humane short story of a mother seeking retribution and justice. In the fourth book of the series, Nameless delivers Regina Belmont justice by taking revenge on those who set her home on fire and left her childless, disfigured, and without a husband who abandoned her, as he tries to remember what in this case is touching his heart in a such a sad way.

Happy reading!


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