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Look for Me Under the Rainbow Discount

In the scorching summer temperatures, Look for Me Under the Rainbow eBook price is melting!

The story of Danny, a curious seal pup with soft white fur and black innocent eyes, and Helen, an environmentalist and the Rainbow Warriors activist on a mission to save animals, is at a discounted price on Amazon. Its normal price is $2.99 and during this week it is only $0.99!

Monday, July 26, 2021, 8:00 AM PDT through Monday, August 2, 2021, 12:00 AM PDT

First read an excerpt:

The other seals had traveled quite a distance, but Danny still stood on the edge of the ice floe, staring at the landscape he became so fond of in his brief life. He loved the icebergs, the sea, the ice floe where he and Jon played hide-and-seek. And he’d never forget the moment he laid his eyes on her—the human female. Overwhelmed by the memories of the past weeks, he held back. They made it hard for him to decide to embark on the long migration. Though the call of his homeland was equally powerful, if Jon had not asked in a gentle voice, “Shall we go, Danny?” he was sure he would have stayed. Leaving them to wander this icebound world and beautiful sea for a year, while they waited for their group to return.

“The worldbuilding and descriptions are basically spectacular . . . I became lost in the icy world the author created.”

—J.C. Gallo, author of The Shadowverse and The Shadowverse: Vengeance

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Cover design by Mario Kožar MKM media. Book trailer by Dean Cole.

Look for Me Under the Rainbow eBook by Bernard Jan
Look for Me Under the Rainbow eBook by Bernard Jan

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